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This page used to start: "Wonder if we'll ever prove that the assorted SINTON families are all connected?"
Now, with the wonderful advent of DNA testing adding science to genealogy, the lack of paper records can be overcome, to some extent, and has provided two fascinating breakthroughs (see below).
The charts below now reflect a major review of my early Sinton data, including where I now think my earliest proven Sinton ancestor, Peter, cattle dealer or drover of Bairnkin, Southdean, Roxburghshire, fits (based on the Oct 2008 DNA results).
Check out the individual people for notes on assumptions made as to linkages, particularly:
  • SINTONs a list of all the SINTONs (and spice) included on this site

Descendant charts

The Southdean Sintons


DNA related Sintons

The Southdean, or possibly related, families of particular interest:

The following will be added to the Sinton Wanted! section on DNA Surnames Lineages, and/or the World Family Network Patriarchs page when time permits

Northumberland families who may be related?

The following will be added to either the Sinton Wanted! section on DNA Surnames Lineages, or the World Family Network Patriarchs page when time permits
So, if you can claim any of these families and place them in their rightful places, I'd love to hear from you


Assorted external links that may be of interest
  • Sinton surname DNA project male SINTON descendants of any lineage, anywhere, would be most welcome to join this group to aid the investigation of possible linkages between the identified lines. Check the Patriarchs page for what I hope will be a growing list of submitted identified family lines. All SINTONs welcome, the project isn't just for me to prove my pet theories, although if perchance your research overlaps with mine I'd particularly love to hear from you. SINTONs are one of my pet lines (or else I wouldn't have started the project).
    And the women needn't feel neglected, anyone (male or female) who can claim any of the SINTON wives as their mother's mother's mother's mother's ... mother is welcome to use the group discount for testing the mtDNA as well.
  • A general collection of Sinton related pages (should you have a favourite SINTON related set of web pages, online family trees etc, just send me an email for them to be included)


Hatch, match and despatch places for those included in this site, ie my direct line SINTONs, plus any of the Southdean SINTONs from the above trees that have been included for some reason.
Do also check the place index in top menu as some headstone photos are included. To access any further place information from the index, click on the little information icon next to the name for the pictures, and the G for a map.
Make sure you zoom right in, as there are mainly green balloons for birth places, and red ones for death places. Some balloons are hiding others.
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