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I love hearing from any relations, potential relations, or fellow researchers anywhere, but those of you researching in Cumberland may be helped by the pedigree chart of my Cumberland ancestry below (see footer for contact details).
NB some of them crossed to/from Canonbie, Dumfries.
There are readily navigable versions elsewhere online:
  • WorldConnect
  • a snapshot of all BDM data for relations and connections, updated every so often
  • WikiTree
  • a collaborative one world tree anyone with the appropriate permissions may update. Happy to invite you if interested in updating your branch.

Ellen TURNBULL's ancestors

Robert Turnbull (say 1690 - )
Walter Turnbull (say 1720 - aft. 1769)
Helen Blacklock (say 1690 - )
Walter Turnbull (cir. 1745 - aft. 1791)
Betty Turnbull (say 1722 - aft. 1764)
Robert Turnbull (cir. 1774 - 1854)
Elizabeth Dickson (cir. 1750 - )
James Turnbull (1820 - 1891)
Eleanor Scott (cir. 1780 - 1846)
Ellen Turnbull (1854 - 1926)
Andrew Graham (cir. 1662 - bet. 1736 - 1739)
Stephen Graham (say 1705 - 1757)
Jane UnknownSurname (bef. 1665 - aft. 1739)
Andrew Graham (cir. 1736 - cir. 1801)
William Rea (say 1645 - )
David Rea (cir. 1668 - )
Abigail Rea (cir. 1709 - aft. 1789)
Mary Thomson (say 1670 - aft. 1709)
Stephen Graham (cir. 1774 - 1856)
Ellin Graham (bef. 1715 - )
Jane Graham (say 1736 - aft. 1804)
Jane Graham (cir. 1819 - 1907)
William Baty (bef. 1710 - )
William Baty (cir. 1742 - cir. 1810)
Jane Corry (bef. 1710 - )
Jane Baty (cir. 1778 - cir. 1826)
Sarah Baty (V2b2) (cir. 1754 - cir. 1791)

Cumberland people on this site

The following link is a list of all people included on this site with a page of their own and therefore further information.
Bear in mind that the flag this is based on isn't always accurate however, and some people will not necessarily have been to the places shown, eg they may have a relation there instead.
All name variants recorded for each are indexed, so some will appear more than once.


We are still looking for direct male line y-DNA representatives for the TURNBULL, GRAHAM, BATY lines shown on Ellen's pedigree chart.
Any takers to help sort out which TURNBULLs match?

While waiting and searching for the above however, several interesting FamilyFinder matches are beginning to emerge.

If genetic genealogy, familyfinder, y-DNA are foreign words to you, ">here are some links to items that may be of interest to explain why genealogists are turning to this fascinating, now not so new, science for their family forests.