The pages below contain place information linked in two ways
Mapped places where each place connected with someone on this site is listed with the place, and a link to a map appears
Indexed people by area where a list of people has been grouped into their broad geographical area
In addition to these resources, icons may now appear after each mention of a place within the narrative of a person - but many may not open where expected as not all of the places have been geocoded and Google has problems finding places when it is fed abbreviated counties and countries.
You may find you have better success using Chrome rather than Firefox, Google seems to act differently for me on these browsers.
  • Mapped Places This list only contains those of the places particularly connected with my family tree, and even then only some of those.
    You may find pictures, and descriptions of the places involved, you may only find a link to other sites.
    Either way, click on the little info icon beside the name to find out, or on the place itself to see some of the people associated with the place.
    Most places included will now have links to a current Google map - click on the red map pin icon - where a second icon appears there may be subtle differences as to the which subset of the place has been mapped, or it is a link to OpenStreetView maps instead.
    Should you find a little man on the zoom control bar a street "drive by" view is available. These days satellite view provides excellent pictures over most of these places, make sure you zoom in.
  • People by area Lists, charts, or futher geographically grouped information, of people associated with some of the main areas in my family tree.