In Devon and Cornwall, ROWE is as common as SMITH elsewhere.
I have no idea how many different family lines are still represented in the present day, but at last count, I have identified 1466 descendants of "my" family of Joseph ROWE and Florence STEPHENS.
At the bottom of this page is a map showing where assorted ROWE descendants (and spice) were hatched, matched and despatched. Probably not many to start with, more will be added over time.
William ROWE, son of Matthias ROWE & Ann KING

The kindly looking chap at the left is my 2*great grandfather William, who married Honor DAW(E) (whose photo doesn't make her look as kindly) and emigrated to NZ. She followed later with their first son Matthias, my great grandfather. They lived through turbulent times in the early days of Taranaki.

Until recently I believed he was the first of the extended ROWE family to have emigrated to NZ (c 1854) but that honour now goes to his 2nd cousin William LAKEMAN, who was in Taranaki before the first 6 ships of English settlers, having arrived up from Wellington with Carrington's survey party 3 weeks prior to the arrival of the "William Bryant" in Feb 1841, which makes this latter chap the earliest of all my relations to have arrived in NZ.

This row of ROWEs (photo to right) are the Bickleigh headstones of William's immediate family (parents, uncles, and grandmother).
The stone on the right with the drunken lean is that of his grandmother, Elizabeth ROWE nee CROSS (husband Joseph is in Bere Ferrers, somewhere).
Next to Elizabeth is that of her son Matthias (with wife Ann), William's parents.
Next to him Matthias' brother John.
The gap, a broken off headstone, is assumed to be sister Elizabeth (d. 1816) and at the end on the left, is brother Joseph.

These headstones are at the left rear of the Bickleigh Church of St Mary, and I feel very privileged at having been able to visit and see these stones in person.
Over the other side of the church there are a plethora of KINGs, more relations.

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