Joseph Rowe

(circa January 1749 - circa October 1811)
FatherJoseph Rowe1 (bet. 1721 - 1725 - May 1763)
MotherHannah UnknownSurname ?Harris1 (say 1721 - aft. 1762)
Relationship4th great-grandfather of Lorna Henderson

BMDB data

     Joseph Rowe was born cir. Jan 1749 Bere Ferrers, Par. of Bere Ferrers, DEV, ENG.2 He was christened on 30 Jan 1748/49 Bere Ferrers, Par. of Bere Ferrers, DEV; entry shows Joseph as son of "Joseph Row & Hannah his wife" (under 1748 OS, so 1749 ns.)3,2
     Joseph Rowe married Elizabeth Cross on 14 Jul 1769 Buckland Monachorum, DEV, ENG, entry #60 reads: Banns of marriage between: Joseph Rowe and Elizabeth Coss (it really doesn't look like Cross) were published on ye eleventh eighteenth and twenty fifth days of Jun in ye year 1769 and (something I couldn't decipher). Both were "of this Parish" married in the church by banns 14th day of July by me Vicar. X the mark of both, in presence of James Wood and Sampson Dote.4,5,6
     Joseph Rowe died cir. Oct 1811 ?Hele, Par. of Bickleigh, DEV, ENG; corroboration that this might be the correct Joseph Rowe death is the circumstantial evidence from the Conventionary Rentals 1811-1820 in the Roborough Estate papers which show Elizabeth Rowe as owing and paying rent on a tenement in Bickleigh from Sep 1811 thru 1820 (the only book checked so far.)1,7 He was buried on 29 Oct 1811 Ch of St Andrews, Bere Ferrers, Par. of Bere Ferrers, DEV, ENG, assumes correct id from the Bere Ferrers burial index, but is highly likely, albeit a tad later than the 29 Sep 1811 when Bickford's Tenement rental was in Elizabeth's name.1,7 Others say that Joseph Rowe died in 1820 Hele Barton, Par. of Bickleigh, DEV, ENG, but I have not found any confirmation of this.5

Census/Where lived/Occupations

     Cir. 1780 Joseph Rowe was living Looseleigh Farm, Tamerton Foliot, DEV, ENG, which he rented. The 1851 census shows this as being at Plympton St Mary, Tamerton Foliott, with a Alford family in residence, farm being 128 acres and Payne family in Looseleigh House.5,8

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     Joseph Rowe belongs to a DNA tested line. There may be more information available on DNASurnames under the DNA project for his/her surname/line.


Elizabeth Cross (1747 - Nov 1844)
  • John Rowe6 (cir. Oct 1769 - bef. 1774)
  • Elizabeth Rowe6 (Apr 1772 - Sep 1816)
  • Joseph Rowe+6 (cir. Aug 1774 - Oct 1847)
  • John Rowe6 (cir. Aug 1774 - Jul 1820)
  • James Rowe6,9,10 (cir. Apr 1778 - cir. Feb 1867)
  • Matthias Rowe+6 (cir. Dec 1780 - Feb 1835)
  • Mary Rowe6 (cir. Jul 1783 - Nov 1872)
  • Hannah Rowe6 (cir. Jul 1786 - Oct 1853)
  • William Rowe6 (Nov 1790 - Apr 1862)
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E. & O. E. Some/most parish records are rather hard to read and names, places hard to interpret, particularly if you are unfamiliar with an area.