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What all those cryptic abbreviations mean

  • Ch(urch); Pres(byterian); Meth(odist)
  • Crem(atorium); Cem(etery);
  • MIs: Monumental Inscriptions
  • transcr(ibed); reg(istered)
  • BDM or BMD: Births Deaths Marriages
  • b(orn); d(ied); chr(istened); bap(tised); dec(eased)
  • Inf(ormant); Wit(nesses) reg(istered) unm(arried)
  • d/o; s/o; f/o; m/o; w/o; h/o: daughter, son, father, mother, wife, husband of (resp.)
  • m.s. - maiden surname
  • nok - next of kin

Place information

  • Cty or Co. = County; Twp = Township; Par(ish)
  • County/country - Chapman codes only
  • ? before a place name indicates the event referred to probably occurred where shown, but may not have
  • ? after a town indicates I either had trouble deciphering the writing, or if after a parish, county or country, I'm unsure as to which area the place name belongs to
  • icons under the Places links, or after a place within the narrative for a person, refer to Google Maps or OpenStreetView maps
    However as not all of the places are geocoded, and I use abbreviations for county and country in my database, many links wont work as expected (sorry!)
    If one site doesn't have sufficient detail to show places accurately when zooming in using satellite view, try the other (or assume I've got the co-ordinates wrong).
    Make sure you try out the different views available (satellite, map or terrain usually) and have fun panning and zooming in/out to the best level.

Citations and Sources

  • Hopefully all data is fully sourced, with citations at the bottom of each person page in a format ending "extracted/rcvd/copy d/loaded" etc "MMM YYYY" and showing where the information was obtained.
  • All data received from others, or extracted from publicly available sites should show their name or the web site.
  • The exceptions to this will be for older data, between 1971 and 1999 (at which time I got a decent genealogy program ), and which has not yet been reviewed to upgrade the source citation documentation (so in particular, will not show the extracted mmm yyyy, and be rather uninformative as to what/who/when).


    The genealogical convention of not showing anything about living people means:
  • No dates for the living are shown, but depending on how many generations are shown in descendant charts, some names for living people may appear.
  • In general, further data on living people do not feature in any of my published data or databases


What all those little pictures stand for
The person concerned has an image on their page
Click it to see what further information is available, eg on the Master Place Index
Descendant chart symbols/operation
- most charts open "collapsed" by default, but each can be fully expanded by clicking on the Expand All tab above the chart.
- click on the Plus to expand that branch
- click on the Minus to collapse that branch
- the numbers before the names are generation numbers, starting from 0
Click on the camera to see the document referred to
Click on the Family tree button to see person in family context of parents, siblings, children
One of Lorna's paternal (Henderson) ancestors
One of Lorna's maternal (Andrews) ancestors
The following symbols indicate a person is associated in some way with an event occuring in the geographical area listed.
Animated flags from
Caithness, Scotland (the icon is taken from the Ulbster Stone, copied from "Celtic Art, The Methods of Construction", by George Bain, published 1977 by Constable, London)
Stirling/Perth, Scotland (generally the HENDERSONs of the family, the blacksmiths)
Otago, NZ (generally the HENDERSON side of the family, it's the Henderson tartan)
Taranaki, NZ (my attempt at drawing an outline of Mt Taranaki/Mt Egmont as seen from Huirangi)
Scottish Borders (generally the SINTON, WIGHT, FAIRBAIRN, DAVIDSON, RICHARDSON side of the family)
Somerset, England (generally the ANDREWS & WINES side of the family)
Devon, England (generally the ROWE and DAW(E) side of the family)
Cumberland, England (generally the TURNBULL, GRAHAM, BATY side of the family)
Connected with New Zealand
Connected with Australia
Connected with the United States of America
Connected with Canada
Connected with Scotland
Connected with England