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My direct line McADIE family originated in Caithness where there are a number of other McADIE, and other surname variant, families, not proven to be related, but surely they are?
This page exists to pull together my McADIE data into one place, whether or not currently proven to be related to my direct line.
As much of the data was originally gathered back in the early/mid 1990s, it may not be as fully sourced as more recent data. (Any source citation not including a date extracted, downloaded etc is prior to 2000 but unlikely to be earlier than 1990, more likely, for this surname, to be around 1993/4/5.)
Picking it up again back in May 2013 to see where it may lead amazed me, yet again, just how much information we take for granted these days simply wasn't easily available back then.
Please do contact me (see footer) with any corrections that may be necessary, or if you are a descendant of any of these lines and wish to swap information.
Or even better, if you are a direct male line McADIE (or MacADIE, or McCADY or ...) who might be willing to participate in the McADIE Surname DNA project to test whether or not these, or any other, lines are genetically related, and how closely.

Descendant charts

Other McADIE descendant charts

If you are a direct male line descendant of any of these lines, or any other McADIE / MacADIE etc lines, perhaps you may be care to do your bit for McADIE research and join the McADIE Surname DNA project?

New Zealand McADIEs

Not a common surname in NZ.
A whitepages search, May 2013, netted all of two entries over all of NZ choosing to be shown in the online listings.
In 1980, the latest electoral rolls available on line there were ...

The McADIE families I've traced in NZ are:

Australian McADIEs

How common is the surname in AUS?
A whitepages search, May 2013, netted??? In 1980, the latest electoral rolls available on line there were ...

Some McADIE families in AUS (links may take you off this site):

Waifs and Strays

Those McADIE (or variant) surnames that need to be placed in their trees.
Many have not been researched since the early 1990s, so more info must be available by now.


It would be good to find out whether or not there is a relationship between the McADIE families listed above.
Many have connections to Lynegar, Ruther in Watten, and Scarmclate in Bower, although the latter families tended to baptize their children at Watten.
If you are a male on a direct male line to any of the McADIE progenitors listed here, or any others for that matter, do please consider joining the McADIE Surname DNA project to do your bit for the knowledge of how the McADIE families inter-relate and where they originated from.


Hatch, match and despatch places for those included in this site, ie my direct line McADIEs, plus any of the McADIEs with origins in Caithness from the above trees that have been included for some reason.
Do also check the place index in top menu as some places have further notes and/or photos attached.
To access any further place information from the index, click on the little information icon next to the name for the pictures, and the G for a map.
Make sure you zoom right in on the maps, as there are mainly green balloons for birth places, and red ones for death places. Some balloons are hiding others.
McADIE descendants (and spice): BDM events
Where assorted McADIE descendants, and spice, were hatched matched and despatched: only those with surname McADIE or variants (Births & Marriages green, Deaths & Burials red - zoom right in)