William McAdie1

(3 April 1830 - after 1841)
FatherGeorge MacAdie2,3,4 (cir. May 1803 - Sep 1883)
MotherElizabeth Rosie3,2,4 (cir. 1806 - bet. 1871 - 1881)
Relationship1st cousin 4 times removed of Lorna Henderson

BMDB data

     William McAdie was born on 3 Apr 1830 Killimster, Par. of Wick, CAI, SCT.2,1 He was baptized on 24 Feb 1832 Wick, CAI, SCT; entries for 24th Feb (IGI has 2 Mar 1832) include these two baptisms for children of George McAdie and Elizabeth Rosie, reading:
McAdie George, Grieve at Killimster, had by his wife Elizabeth Rosie a son born Decr 14th 1831 & bapd James. - Witt. David Farqhuar, Farm Servant at Killimster & Margaret Leith there. - Also a son born April 3rd 1830, & bapd William - Witt. Jean McAdie in Windlass & Donald Scott, Servant in Ackergill.1,5
     William McAdie died aft. 1841 ?Hillhead, Par. of Wick, CAI, SCT.2

Census/Where lived/Occupations

     William McAdie appeared on the census of 1841 Hillhead, Par. of Wick, CAI, SCT, in the household of George McAdie and Elizabeth McAdie and is assumed to be a son.6,2
     It is possible that William McAdie was Glasgow St David, LKS, SCT, in 1851 this being, to date, the only candidate for William son of George and Elizabeth (ROSIE) McADIE in 1851. If so he is as a joiner in Glasgow, lodging in the hsehold of a MacKAY couple from Sutherland and Caithness. No obvious family connection as yet. However the occupation seems unlikely. We do know that the Glasgow joiner is unlikely to be the joiner William son of George and Margaret (LEVACH) McADIE though, as he was at home with his parents in that census.7

All the other info

     William McAdie married to Janet MURRAY in 1853, with a son John, either AUS or SCT and William McAdie the son of George McADIE and Elizabeth ROSIE, with them in 1841 at Hillhead in 1853 are possibly the same person.8
     Another potential duplicate of William McAdie is William McAdie; living Ararat, Ripon VIC in 1874 at whose residence Jessie, who would be a niece, gave birth to Harold Henderson McADIE; the other the son of George McADIE and Elizabeth ROSIE, with them in 1841 at Hillhead.9 Yet another possible duplicate for William is William McAdie one with HM Customs in London, married to Sarah ABBOTT, father George, a farmer; the other the son of George McADIE and Elizabeth ROSIE, with them in 1841 at Hillhead (thought there was a better match with George/Margaret, George being s/o William and Susannah (MILLICAN) but he died single in Forres).
It is highly possible that the one married to Sarah is George and Elizabeth's William, but I'd be happier if I could definitively find him in 1851, and/or rule out the one married to Janet MURRAY, and the one living in Ararat (VIC) in 1874 (who may be one and the same William.)7,10

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E. & O. E. Some/most parish records are rather hard to read and names, places hard to interpret, particularly if you are unfamiliar with an area.