The RICHARDSONs included here are primarily the descendants of William of Pringlestead (Eckford), but also include several other trees of interest with connections to Morebattle.

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This expanded RICHARDSON page is the result of John, Ralph's dna match, getting back in touch with a new snippet possibly placing his Adam, born New York in 1835, as the son of a tailor James RICHARDSON of Bermuda.
Did I have anything that might identify this James?
As James' obit mentioned a John in North Georgetown, and a sister Mrs Samuel MOFFAT of Beechridge, and the obit of a Thomas dying in Oneida, (NY) in 1880 also mentioned he was a brother of James in Bermuda, it was a fairly easy stretch to identify the family as that of James and Margaret (MABON/MAYBEN/MABEN) RICHARDSON who baptized a number of children at the Morebattle Gateshaw Sessions - as did some of Ralph's ancestors!
My interest level rose a tad.

But John's fell when he re-examined the information he'd found - the difference an "s" makes (it rose again later, keep reading!).
The connection was the Mrs W A RICHARDSON rather than Mr W A RICHARDSON's grandfather James RICHARDSON, ie grandfather of the wife of Adam's son William Meade RICHARDSON, rather than William Meade's grandfather.
Given the Morebattle connection, my interest remained, so I kept digging.

Looking for a likely 2nd marriage for James given his wife Margaret MABON's death would have left him with a young family to care for, I revisited my Gateshaw session records and re-checked what I had for James & Christian (OUTERSON) RICHARDSON.
Although they didn't marry until 1820 (Eckford, James of Morebattle), my interest level was retained when I realised that the last child baptized at Morebattle was named Archibald Moffat RICHARDSON (1832), that some trees showed Christian as born Yorkshire (where James in Bermuda married), and Robert thought he was born in Canada in one census.
The Archibald Moffat R. may be a significant hint that this is indeed James 2nd marriage as that would provide a tenuous link to son James in Bermuda - who married Mary MOFFAT the daughter of a Yorkshire tailor, Archibald MOFFAT.
Or I could be getting too much exercise jumping to conclusions.
This possibly untoward exercise continued when my attention was turned to George, son of James & Margaret.
In 1841 and 1851 he is a shoemaker in Morebattle, after which the family disappeared from my view. This time round however I hit paydirt.
George and family emigrated shortly after the 1851 census, and turn up in Omro, Winnebago, Wisconsin in 1860, 3 census pages away from his assumed step brother Robert and Christian, Robert's mother, George's assumed step mother.

As yet, I've not found what happened to Christian between 1832 and 1860, and between 1860 and 1881, but do know that Andrew thought he had emigrated (to Canada) in 1837, and Robert thought he had emigrated to the States in 1841.
With a least one source saying Christian's James was born 1770, and died in Canada in 1850, and Robert, and his descendants sometimes saying Robert was born in Canada, my assumption was that Christian was indeed James' second wife, and that they emigranted to Canada in the 1830s, given that John's Adam Brown RICHARDSON is now proven to be the son of James & Christian, baptised in Chateuaguay in 1835.
The assumption of a second marriage for James however now looks unlikely as DNA testing has shown that although related, the three RICHARDSON lines tested are more remotely connected than that.


Descendant charts

The following are the families that have the Morebattle Gateshaw sessions as a common denominator in some generations.
We know that there is a genetic connection between William of Pringlestead, the James married to Christian OUTERSON,and the James married to Margaret MABON.
It would be great to prove that the rest are also indeed related, and find how, or at least how closely.
The following families were at, or had descendants at, Morebattle at some stage.
Andrew and Mary (WATSON) may link to James and Isabel (PRINGLE) RICHARDSON as they both have a Roxburgh (ROX) connection.


We already have a match between descendants of William of Pringlestead, James (OUTERSON) RICHARDSON, and James (MABON) RICHARDSON, and as you can see, some potential further connections to (dis)prove.
So, if there are any direct male line RICHARDSON descendants from any of the other lines, William the dancing master in particular, but also John (married to Isabel PRINGLE), which line includes Henry and Ann (PRESTON) who also emigrated to Quebec, willing to join the RICHARDSON DNA project to validate these potential connections, we would love to hear from you to check our research, and validate my theories.


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