Robert Wight1

(16 June 1800 - 28 January 1865)
FatherWilliam Wight1 (Nov 1767 - Sep 1847)
MotherElizabeth Richardson1 (May 1773 - Jun 1831)
Relationship3rd great-uncle of Lorna Henderson

BMDB data

     Robert Wight was born on 16 Jun 1800 Maxton, ROX, SCT.1 He was christened on 6 Jul 1800 Maxton, Roxburghshire; Entry reads: William Wight carrier in Maxton and his wife Elisabeth Richardson, had a child born June 16th 1800 & baptd 6th July called Robert.1
     Robert Wight married Janet Scott say 1832 ?ROX, SCT, date assumed, no mar. obvious on igi, and no children listed either.2
     Robert Wight died on 28 Jan 1865 Pinnacle, Ancrum, ROX, SCT; his cert showing him as aged 65, which was a few mths short of the truth (Pinnacle from MIs, Ancrum from death cert.) Malignant disease of stomach, 11 mths; Inf: George W, son.3 He was buried Maxton, Roxburghshire, in a group of Wight and Thomson family graves. Hhis h/stone (on a rather grand obelisk) reads: Sacred to the memory of Robert Wight who died at Pinnacle 28.1.1865 aged 65 years.4
     Subsequent to the info listed under son George, I have now added a 3rd son to the family, John. In the English 1881 census, Robert's son Robert was listed as having a niece Ellen Wight with him, born Birmingham. This trail led to the births of two girls in Birmingham, Ellen and Janet, to a Spirit Merchant, John Wight and his wife Elizabeth Brown. John died in 1874, and I suspect Elizabeth died in childbirth with Janet. John and Elizabeth's marriage cert back in Edinburgh in 1868 proved the link. Wonder how many more children there are out there waiting to be discovered?
Dec 2012 update: quite a few now that I've realised that I'd found the family in the 1851 census quite some years ago but had rejected it because the son George was the wrong age - without considering that he may have been an earlier George!5,6,7,8

Census/Where lived/Occupations

     Robert Wight and Janet Wight appeared on the census of 1841 Mellendean, Par. of Sprouston, ROX, SCT, and are assumed to be husband and wife. They were enumerated as WIGHT: Robert head 35 ag lab; assumed wife Janet 30 both b ROX; Children (assumed): William 8; George 6; James 3; (all b ROX); Isabella 1 b outside ROX; JAFFREY: William 18 ag lab b ROX.2,9
     Robert Wight appeared on the census of 1851 Marlefield, Par. of Coldstream, BEW, SCT, with Janet Wight, enumerated as WIGHT: Robert 50 Farmer Of 66 Acres Employing 1 Man & 1 Woman b Maxton; wife Janet 40 b Linton, ROX; Children: William 18 b Linton, James 13 scholar b Linton; John 5 at home b Sprouston; George 3, Isabella Wight 1 both at home b Coldstream; Servants: Betsy Wight 17 b Merton, ROX (niece); Robert Brown 16 b Dunbar, HAD.8
     The census of 1861 showed Robert with his wife Janet, their sons George and Robert Mollylees, Par. of Sprouston, ROX, SCT, household enumerated as WIGHT: Robert, 61 farm serv. b Maxton; wife Jannet, 52 b Eckford; Sons: George 13; Robert 8, both scholars b Coldstream, BEW.10 Robert Wight was a farm steward, dec. when son John married in Apr 1868.5

All the other info

     Robert Wight ?? s/o William & Elizabeth.
     Robert Wight was the informant for the death of his son James Wight on 13 Mar 1855 Newtown, Par. of Coldstream, BEW, SCT.11
     Robert Wight was the informant for the death of his daughter Isabella Wight on 19 May 1855 Marlefield, Par. of Coldstream, BEW, SCT.12


Janet Scott (cir. 1809 - aft. 1881)
  • William Wight8,13,9 (cir. 1833 - Feb 1855)
  • George Wight9 (cir. 1835 - bet. 1841 - 1847)
  • James Wight8,11,9 (cir. 1838 - Mar 1855)
  • Isabella Wight9 (cir. 1840 - bet. 1841 - 1850)
  • John Wight5,8 (cir. 1845 - Jul 1874)
  • George Wight+3 (cir. 1848 - bet. Sep 1904 - Dec 1904)
  • Isabella Wight8,12 (cir. 1850 - May 1855)
  • Robert Wight10,14 (cir. 1853 - aft. 1881)
ChartsWilliam RICHARDSON of Pringlestead, Eckford
RUNCIMAN of Earlston/Wanton Walls
Ancestors & siblings of Les Henderson
Last Edited4 Dec 2012


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E. & O. E. Some/most parish records are rather hard to read and names, places hard to interpret, particularly if you are unfamiliar with an area.