Another of my Scottish Borders families.
My interest in what turned out to be the Bowden/Maxton family of WIGHTs began in the early 1980s when my father unearthed a number of family photos dating around the early 1900s, mostly taken in Edinburgh and presumed to have been sent to my great great grandmother Helen Sinton WIGHT who had emigrated to NZ, alone, in 1875. The families had obviously stayed in touch until at least 1935, to which date I eventually ascribed a packet of snaps which included the fire at Arisaig house, Inverness.
At the bottom of this page is a map showing where assorted WIGHT descendants (and spice) were hatched, matched and despatched. Probably not many to start with, more will be added over time.
Maxton Kirk

The photo of Maxton Kirk is one sent to me by one of my correspondents. Somewhere in my house, in a "safe place" are my own photos of the Kirk and the early WIGHT gravestones which are in a cluster over at the top left. One day I'll find them again.

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Where assorted WIGHT descendants (and spice) were hatched matched and despatched