This is the accumulated work of many researchers, all of whom I hope I have accurately acknowledged in the (abbreviated) source notes. It could take some years to complete as I still (after some 45+ years) seem to be finding relations quicker than I can document them.


Helensvale, Leith Valley Dunedin, home of William Henderson and Helen Sinton WIGHT, my great grandparents   The primary places involved are:
  • England: Somerset, Devon, Cumberland;
  • Scotland: Caithness, the Borders, Stirling and Lanarkshire
  • Australia: Victoria
  • New Zealand, and of course
  • Helensvale, Leith Valley, Dunedin (at left, home of William & Helen Sinton (WIGHT) HENDERSON)

As you will find, the content is more "factual" than "readable" as I am trying to show the details of the research for people to draw their own conclusions (hoping of course that you will agree with mine).

Although most of my current work these days concentrates on DNA projects, and two One Name Studies: FAIRBAIRN and RUNCIMAN, I still love hearing from relations, near or far, particularly those with DNA Matches who can help add confirmation that the tree information presented here is actually likely to be right! (Please upload your DNA file to GEDmatch)