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My direct line DAWE family originated in South West Devon where there are a number of other DAW & DAWE families, not known to be related, but often inter-connected with, my Devonshire trees. Some of the other main trees are also included below.

Descendant charts


It would be good to find out whether or not there is a relationship between the DAWE families listed above.
In addition, the DAWEs of Newfoundland would love to know where they originated in England, and as they suspect it was from Devon, they also would love to know if they have a match to any Devonshire DAWE families.
If you are a male on a direct male line to any of the DAWE progenitors listed here, or any others for that matter, do please consider joining the DAW(E) Surname DNA project.
We now (Oct 2018) have a fully confirmed yDNA signature for Isaac DAWE, from two descendants, one of his son Isaac Smith DAWE the other a descendant of Thomas (marr. Elizabeth TAYLOR). Both tested BigY and we have our own little branch on the yDNA tree of mankind under https://yfull.com/tree/R-BY653/ (see the R-BY45079 branch)

It would be particlarly good to confirm the possible identification of John DAWE and Sarah MOORE as Isaac's parents.
Any known descendants of Isaac's presumed siblings out there?

No blood involved, painless, done in the privacy of your own home. (Click here for some general reading about dna testing for genealogy.)
The test involved is at least a Y-DNA37 test, but Y-DNA67 is preferred as most tests generally end up at that level to see how close a match actually is.

Of more hope at the moment are the growing collection of autosomal DNA (aka Family Finder at FTDNA and the tests offered by MyHeritage, Ancestry) results that may eventually provide a few more leads of connections between families.

Failing interested direct male line descendants of any of the above lines, are there any descendants, preferably in the oldest generation still around, willing to participate by undertaking a Family Finder test?
Any descendant of Isaac DAWE Snr interested in participating would be most welcome to join my autosomal dna project, FFLornaHen.
At least one from each branch of the family would be great to help highlight which matches are of particular interest in the goal of understanding our shared DAW(E) history.
A subsidy may be available to assist. Enquiries welcome! Please use the contact email in the footer.

Isaac DAW(E) lines represented by atDNA tests
Isaac Dawe
(cir. 1769 - 1840)
Isaac S. Dawe
(cir. 1797 - 1851)
Isaac Dawe
(cir. 1827 - 1894)
William H. Dawe
(1858 - 1933)
Honor Daw
(cir. 1831 - 1897)
Joan S. Dawe
(cir. 1809 - 1862)
William S. Dawe
(cir. 1810 - 1877)
Emily L. Dawe
(1848 - 1886)
Thomas Dawe
(cir. 1814 - 1871)
Robert Dawe
(cir. 1855 - 1917)

The above chart shows those lines from Isaac DAWE & Sarah SMITH with representatives who have undertaken the FamilyFinder test.
As at Aug 2014 we had 2 from William Smith DAWE/Mary WAY's line, both descendants of Emily, 6 from Honour, and 2 from Isaac/Elizabeth STADDON.

Matches have been detected between them in varying combinations, and as a result we are gradually building up a chromosome map of the DNA segments that can/may be traced back to this family.
Feb 2015 update adds in a descendant of Joan Smith DAWE / Abraham BIDGOOD or TURNER's results.
By Jul 2016 additions include another descendant of William (marr. Mary WAY) and at least three more from William ROWE/Honor DAW, down from Isaac Smith DAWE.
Always room for more!

DAW(E) Chromosome maps

Most recent on left - progress has been made since the 2014 version on the right.
Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge
Those marked as ... TG, are triangulated segments (ie a matches b and c AND b matches c at the same spot) that are being investigated further to find the common ancestor that we know has to exist, somewhere, somewhen.
Those marked as .. anc. are where we do not know exactly which ancestor is shared, just that it is somewhere back up the (pair of) ancestors shown.
The dna identified can have been inherited from either side of the pair. Which statement applies even for those not so marked, just that the couples closer to present day have more opportunities for the inherited dna to not have come from the DAWE ancestor.

The hope is that with enough participants, and matches, some commonality will eventually emerge as to where to look for further clues on the brickwall ancestors' origins.
The brickwall ancestors being both Isaac and Sarah, with a particular interest in confirming Isaac's parents are John and Sarah (MOORE) DAWE - but it is probably a little optimistic to expect results in atDNA testing for that - much more likely using Y-DNA should we ever find a descendant of William DAW b. North Lew 1745.

All descendants, of any line, represented or not already, are most welcome to join my FFLornaHen autosomal dna project to aid this jigsaw.

Below is an equivalent chart showing the lines that we would still particlarly like a representative, or two, from.
Sarah married Christopher WALTERS and Betsy married John GALE, then William CREBER.
We are aiming at the best understanding of DAW(E) dna possible so it would be great to get atDNA (FamilyFinder) tests for any of these lines and at least one Y-DNA participant from each of the male lines shown.

DAW(E) DNA tests - wanted
Isaac Dawe
(cir. 1769 - 1840)
Sarah Dawe
(cir. 1800 - 1877)
Nathaniel S. Dawe
(cir. 1802 - 1866)
Betsey Dawe
(cir. 1806 - 1876)
Richard Dawe
(cir. 1819 - 1873)
Evidence is slowly accumulating that Johhn married to Mary Friend just might be the relatively newly discovered son of Isaac and Sarah's baptized at Whitchurch
Would love to prove he is the newly discovered John son of Isaac.
John DAW(E) lines represented/wanted for DNA tests
Descendants (some) of John DAW (married Mary FRIEND)
John Daw
(cir. 1798 - 1831)
John Daw
(cir. 1825 - aft. 1841)
Isaac F. Daw
(cir. 1829 - 1902)
William Daw
(cir. 1862 - 1889)
Robert H. Daw
(1866 - bet. 1892 - 1900)


Hatch, match and despatch places for those included in this site, ie my direct line DAWEs, plus any of the Devonshire DAWEs from the above trees that have been included for some reason.
Do also check the place link in the side menu as some headstone photos are included, eg Buckland Monachorum. To access any further place information from the index, click on the little information icon next to the name for the pictures, and the G for a map.
Make sure you zoom right in, as there are mainly green balloons for birth places, and red ones for death places. Some balloons are hiding others.
DAWE descendants (and spice): BDM events
Where assorted DAWE descendants were hatched matched and despatched (Births & Marriages green, Deaths & Burials red)