This family fascinates me. Probably primarily because I've been quite successful with it, there's information to be found and there's a heap of still living relations. As it is a relatively unusual name, it is also a tad easier to trace than some.
"My" lot are a particularly widespread bunch.
Just some of the hatch/match/despatch events for some of them are shown on the map below, more later.
My earliest proven RUNCIMAN ancestor is David, weaver of Earlston, but his likely father is George, who was living in Westruther (Berwickshire) when he married Jennet FINLAY.
As of Mar 2010 this suddenly expanded as the DNA project has proven that the family of William of Crail (children in Dirleton, North Berwick etc around East Lothian) are closely genetically linked.

Main families of interest

Families proven to be connected via dna testing

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RUNICMAN Descendants (and spice): BDM Events
Where assorted RUNCIMAN descendants (and spice) were hatched matched and despatched