My direct line ANDREWS family has been traced back to Martock in Somerset.
There are a number of ANDREWS families in the area where any relationship between them is unknown, but likely.
Some of the other main trees are also included below.

Descendant charts


It would be good to find out whether or not there is a relationship between the ANDREWS families listed above. The common factor is Martock, Somerset
If you are a male on a direct male line to any of the ANDREWS progenitors listed here, or any others for that matter, do please consider joining the ANDREWS Surname DNA project.

Failing direct male line descendants there's always autosomal DNA using the Family Finder test?
A subsidy may be available to assist. Enquiries welcome! Please use the contact email in the footer, or simply join my autosomal DNA project FFLornaHen.
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The chromosome map to the left shows the segments of autosomal DNA (atDNA) segments attributable to Simon ANDREWS or Jane GIBSON or their ancestors.
The key (DescXXXX or TG) shows each match between a Descendant of XXXX where XXXX is a child of Simon and Jane's and TG is a match with another test participant triangulated as sharing a common ancestor somewhere/when back up Simon and Jane's ancestry.
NB the descendant of Isabella PURDIE is a double relative of the descendants of George Gibson (Gib), so some segments may actually belong to his other connection, not ANDREWS.
The outline chart below shows which lines have a representative who has tested their atDNA to contribute to the above (ie FamilyFinder test at FamilyTreeDNA, or the tests offered by 23andme or Ancestry, all of which being able to be compared on the wonderful site

Any descendant of any of Simon's siblings would be most welcome as they would allow us to highlight which segments are ANDREWS and which are Jane GIBSON's ancestry - the brickwall.
As would any descendant of any of Simon's children, particularly those as yet unrepresented: Elizabeth (marr. Robert BISHOP and emigrated to California), or Mary Rebecca (marr. Henry FAULL of Tikorangi).

How about a descendant of Simon's niece Mary Ann dtr of John and Tabitha (HUNT) ANDREWS (marr. Ebenezer GRIFFIN, emigrated to Taranaki around 1875/6)?
Or of Abraham (marr. Mary Ann CHANT, settled in London)?
Andrews/Wines lines represented/needed by atDNA tests
John Andrews
(cir. 1777 - cir. 1867)
John Andrews
(cir. 1809 - cir. 1845)
Simon Andrews
(1814 - 1900)
Sarah Andrews
(1840 - 1869)
William H. Langman
(1866 - 1924)
Mary A. Langman
(1868 - 1934)
John Andrews
(1842 - 1932)
Annie Andrews
(1878 - 1951)
William Andrews
(1844 - 1895)
James A. Andrews
(1885 - 1965)
Mary R. Andrews
(1845 - 1923)
Fred Andrews
(1847 - 1923)
Lewis G. Andrews
(1881 - 1948)
Elizabeth Andrews
(1849 - 1895)
George G. Andrews
(1851 - 1920)
George E. Andrews
(1881 - 1944)
Anna M. Andrews
(1853 - 1938)
Isabel M. Purdie
(1878 - 1961)
Leslie G. Purdie
(1884 - 1954)
William Andrews
(cir. 1817 - 1892)
Henry Andrews
(1862 - 1938)
Abraham Andrews
(cir. 1823 - 1863)


Hatch, match and despatch places for those included in this site, ie my direct line ANDREWS, plus any of the Martock ANDREWS from the above trees that have been included for some reason.
Make sure you zoom right in, as there are mainly green balloons for birth places, and red ones for death places. Some balloons are hiding others.
ANDREWS descendants (and spice): BDM events
Where assorted ANDREWS descendants were hatched matched and despatched (Births & Marriages green, Deaths & Burials red)