Jane Gibson (J2a1a1)1,2,3,4

(7 April 1812 - 11 December 1906)
FatherWilliam Gipson4,5 (cir. Apr 1776 - Nov 1860)
MotherMary Hanham4,5 (cir. Apr 1778 - Dec 1835)
Relationship2nd great-grandmother of Lorna Henderson

BMDB data

     Jane Gipson was born on 7 Apr 1812 Queen Camel, SOM, ENG, The birth date comes from a Faull family bible held by a descendant of Jane's daughter Mary Rebeccca, and fits well with the newfound (Oct 2017) baptism date of 19 Apr 1812, conflicting slightly with the scribbled note (6th Apr 1812) on a flier about the Andrews/Gibson family in the Waitara Genealogy rooms back in the 1990s. A bible page trumps an unsourced date.6,5,7,8 She was baptized on 19 Apr 1812 Queen Camel, SOM; entry reads: Jane Daughter of Wm & Mary Gibson.5
     Jane Gibson (J2a1a1) married Simon Andrews, son of John Andrews and Rebekah Wines, on 19 Apr 1840 Par. Ch, Martock, SOM, ENG, 1840 Marriage solemnized in the Parish Church in the Parish of Martock in the County of Somerset
No 56. Married April 19th (illegible in photocopy of record, but legibile in photocopy of certified entry as 18th, but scan of original looks more like 19) Groom: Simon, labourer, bachelor, s/o John Andrews, labourer. Bride: Jane Gibson, spinster, (no father/occupation shown) both of full age and of Henton (now called Bower Hinton, a district south of Martock adjacent to Hurst). Signed by X, mark of Simon Andrews, Jane Gibson Witnesses: James Barbor (or poss. Parker? who also signed the cert. above), X mark of Jas Ralph (possibly a paternal relation of Simon's?) Minister I Lakes.9,10,11,1,12
     Jane Andrews died on 11 Dec 1906 Tikorangi, TNK, NZ, at age 94; Cert reads: On 11th Dec 1906 at Tikorangi, Jane Andrews, widow, aged 94 years, of senility. Last illness, asthenia, indefinite duration. Attended by David Blackley (?) 5. Name of father unknown, mother Jane Gibson, m,s, unknown. Buried 12th Dec 1906, Huirangi. Minister (?) Church of England. Born Somerset, England, had been in NZ 63 years. Married Somerset, England, at unknown age to Simon A. Survived by M 55, 59, 62, F 53, 61. Inf: Henry Faull (son-in-law), farmer of Tikorangi, Occupier of House. Registered 11 Dec 1906.
Dth notice: At Tikorangi, on December 11th, 1906, Jane, widow of the late Simon Andrews, aged 94 years and eight months.
Funeral notice: The Funeral of the late Mrs Andrews will leave Mr H. Faull's residence, Tikorangi, TO-MORROW (Wednesday), at 1pm, arriving at the Huirangi Cemetery at 2pm.
Friends will kindly accept this intimation.4,13 She was buried with Simon Andrews Huirangi Cem., nr Waitara, TNK, NZ, Jane buried 12 Dec 1906, Simon 14 Jan 1900 and their 18 yr old granddaughter Eliza Langman who d. 1880
H/stone reads: IMO Simon Andrews who died 12 Jan 1900 aged 85 yrs Also Jane Andrews who died 1[1] Dec 1906 aged 94 yrs And Eliza Langman died 27th Dec 1880 aged 18 yrs.4,14,15,16,13
     Signed her marriage certificate with 'X, the mark of Jane Gibson'. She was apparently stone deaf from adolescence and used a 'trumpet', (Elsie GIDDY 'Memoirs'). Used a wicker wheelchair when in her nineties. Visited by Elsie's mother and Madge, aged 4, when Jane in her nineties.
Elsie's aunt remembers that hostile Maoris piled brushwood against her lonely home and set fire to it, Jane sallied forth and kicked the wood in all directions.
Forced to take her place on the boat to Nelson only after Simon was tricked into the township and locked in the guardroom (see below for newspaper account corroborating this memory).
Insisted on staying in diphtheria stricken household in the danger-zone and tending the sick until they could all be moved to safety. Soldiers from the barracks on Marsland Hill formed a guard of honour for her as the bullock dray jolted her within the lines. They cheered and called her Taranaki's Florence Nightingale.

A current (Oct 2017) working hypothesis, from research and DNA, is that Jane belongs to the family of William & Mary GIPSON or GIBSON of Queen Camel, Somerset rather than an unknown male, and mother Jane GIBSON, and so she is now shown in my assorted webpages, along with sites such as WikiTree and the FamilySearch tree.
How this breakthru came about is on my blog The lazy vicar

When Simon & Jane sent their letter home courtesy of the NZ Land Company Simon said: " If my brothers and sisters, or any of my wife's family..." so there were certainly some around somewhere.

Known information on Jane's ancestry consisted of the above existence of family, her 1840 marriage cert. which did not show a father, the 1841 English census in which she is recorded as being born in the County (Somerset) and her 1906 death cert. likewise, but which latter added that her mother was Jane GIBSON.

The potential id of Jane being the one baptized at Queen Camel in Apr 1812 to William & Mary GIPSON come to light back in May from a flurry of activity with other researchers.
Then in Oct 2017 DNA matches (for Lorna and maternal cousin Russell) came in whose tree was eventually determined to lead back to John Jones WINDSOR and wife Ann GIPSON/GIBSON, where Ann was the sister of the potential duplicate of Jane.

Subsequent analysis of the DNA segment data on GEDMatch shows a fully triangulated 18-20cM segment of DNA between myself, a known 3C (shared ancestral couple Simon ANDREWS & Jane GIBSON) and the newfound 4C1R.
1) No father shown for Jane on the marriage cert., so why does this Jane look perfectly legitimate?
Sue points out that very few of the Martock marriages around that time seem to have a father shown, for either party, but more often for the bride - which on inspection of the registers now avaiable on Ancestry, is certainly true - they can't ALL be illegitimate!
2) Mother's name on Jane's dth cert. given as Jane, not Mary (and father not shown).
Jane died aged 94, the informant for her death was her son-in-law Henry FAULL. Although his wife Mary Rebecca was still alive, he could possibly have simply given Jane's name instead, or the Registrar recorded it incorrectly?

1) There is no obvious Jane anywhere near the right timeframe in Martock, nor any Gibson families in evidence either
2) Jane's birthdate from a family bible was given as 7 Apr 1812.
This can certainly fit a baptism of 19 Apr 1812
3) Queen Camel is not that far from Martock - 12 miles, 20 mins drive today according to Google (the other side of Yeovil from Martock).
4) Sue suggested that Simon and Jane's daughter Mary Rebecca could have been named afer Simon's mother, Rebecca, and the mother of this proposed match forJane, Mary
and of course
5) the fully triangulated 18-20cM segment of DNA that means there's definitely a common ancestor who gave us all that bit of DNA, somewhere back up the chain from either Simon ANDREWS or Jane GIBSON (Lorna/Ross - 3rd cousins), and from John Jones WINDSOR & Ann GIPSON (the newly found match, believed to be 4th cousin once removed) - where Ann and Jane are now believed to be siblings.17,18

For historical purposes only now (Oct 2017):
Some trees show Jane's parents as a William GIBSON and wife Jane nee SIMPSON.
I remain to be convinced, particular as some place the couple in Scotland..
At least some that do attach census records for a William and Jane in Plumstead, Kent, William an army pensioner and Jane a 51 yr old born Kent, with a 12 yr old son William, born Kent, in the household.
As Jane is consistently born around 1812 in census and death records, this seems an unlikely id.

Others assign her to a William GIBSON who supposedly died in 1867 in Somerset - of which there is no evidence anywhere in the English death records, let alone in Somerset.
This version is easily explained when the rest of the family attached on the FamilySearch tree is checked - they were in Somerset alright - but in Massachusetts.


     Jane Andrews and Simon Andrews immigrated on 23 Feb 1842 on the "Timandra", New Plymouth, TNK, NZ; Left Plymouth 2nd Nov 1841, commander James SKINNER, surgeon-superintendent, George C FORBES. The passenger list showing two ANDREWS families, one being Simon, Jane & Sarah, the other a Samuel & Maria ANDREWS, no known connection.19

Census/Where lived/Occupations

     Jane Gibson (J2a1a1) lived in Apr 1840 Henton (assumed to be Bower Hinton), Par. of Martock, SOM, ENG, now called Bower Hinton.1
     Jane Andrews appeared on the census of 7 Jun 1841 Henton (assumed to be Bower Hinton), Par. of Martock, SOM, with Simon Andrews, as ANDREWS: Simon 25, weaver; Jane 25; Sarah 4 mths, all b Cty (3 hseholds away from Simon's parents John & Rebecca) (NB enumerators were instructed to round ages down to the nearest multiple of 5.)20,21 Jane Andrews and Simon Andrews lived in May 1845 Huatoki, New Plymouth, TNK, NZ, when sons John & William baptized.22


     As of 1812, Jane Gibson (J2a1a1) was also known as Jane Gipson.5
     Jane Gibson (J2a1a1) has also been shown (incorrectly) in records as Sarah Gibson in 1840 mis-index of name on marriage cert. on England/Wales marriages.12

All the other info

     In 1843 New Plymouth, TNK, NZ, "Simon Andrews' house burnt down Mon 6th" (Feb Mar or Nov had 6th as Monday).
Children at that stage would have included Sarah and John.23
     Jane Andrews and Simon Andrews were mentioned in newspaper clippings in Sep 1860 New Plymouth, TNK, FAMILIES REFUSING TO LEAVE TARANAKI. (From the Nelson Examiners' Correspondent.) September 7, 1860. The Airedale will sail for Nelson during the day with about 100 women and children. I mentioned in my last letter that a proclamation had been issued, notifying that all women and children without distinction would be removed from the town of New Plymouth.
Yesterday a scene occurred in carrying out this proclamation, which has thrown our people into the utmost agitation.
The Colonial Government, as you are aware, issue rations to families rendered destitute by the war, both here and at Nelson. By increasing the inducements at the latter place, the notices given to those receiving aid, to remove from New Plymouth, have been, I may say, invariably obeyed.
A few families have latterly objected to go. To those who have sought a modification of the terms from Lieutenant-Colonel Carey (whose name appears to all the proclamations), his tone and manner are stated to have been unconciliatory and undignified, and the public yesterday could not arrive at a different opinion.
Simon Andrews, yeoman, declined to let his wife leave, and be separated from her. He was at once ordered to the guard-room, by Colonel Carey, for having breathed such treason. The husband, thus got rid of, Major Herbert, commanding the militia and volunteers, was desired to furnish a party to fetch the wife, which, to his credit, he refused.
A fatigue party of soldiers were then ordered down, and Captain W. C. King, of the militia (son of Captain King. R.N.), placed under arrest by Colonel Carey for refusing, when j called upon, to accompany the soldiers on their mission. These were now sent up in charge of one of their own sergeants, and returned with the poor woman, who yielded to the powerful demonstration, which only needed " the point of the bayonet " ...
An opposition of a far more formidable nature than that offered by her husband, and not looked for by the military authorities, now interposed in her behalf. The harbour boatmen, one and all, declaring their intention not to put any female on board against her consent ; but this Mrs. Andrews had given, as her bed and baggage were already shipped, and left her no alternative.
The embroilment did not end here. Other families, encouraged in their opposition by yesterday's proceedings, still refuse to go ....

A subsequent report a few days later sheds a slightly different light:
"There has been terrible rows with the women and children about forcing them away from their homes; in fact, some of them who were warned to go by the Airedale, are gone somewhere with their husbands' guns, and cannot be found. Capt. King, (militia) was put under arrest yesterday for refusing to head some soldiers to fetch the women out of their houses. All praise to his gallantry !
Poor Simon Andrews was put in the Guard-room for saying it was a great shame to send the women and children off, and his wife said she was quite willing to go, but her husband would not let her; she has gone with her family.
Her husband was taken out of it to-day, but sent back again, we suppose to try to frighten others from deterring their wives from going."24,25,26

External links

     Click here to see Jane's page on WikiTree, a (free) collaborative on-line tree.27
     Jane Gibson (J2a1a1) belongs to a DNA tested line. There may be more information available on DNASurnames under the DNA project for his/her surname/line.


Simon Andrews (Jul 1814 - Jan 1900)
  • Sarah Andrews19 (Jul 1840 - Jan 1869)
  • John Andrews (Apr 1842 - Feb 1932)
  • William Andrews28 (Mar 1844 - Dec 1895)
  • Mary Rebecca Andrews (Dec 1845 - Jun 1923)
  • Fred Andrews (Aug 1847 - Nov 1923)
  • Elizabeth Andrews (Sep 1849 - Mar 1895)
  • George Gibson Andrews3,29 (Jul 1851 - Aug 1920)
  • Anna Maria Andrews30 (Jun 1853 - May 1938)
  • Emma Andrews (Jul 1855 - Oct 1856)
ChartsJohn & Ann (COLE) ANDREWS
William & Mary (Hanham) GIPSON
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E. & O. E. Some/most parish records are rather hard to read and names, places hard to interpret, particularly if you are unfamiliar with an area.