The PEEKs and ALGAR families meet at Richard PEEK and Elizabeth ALGAR, who married in Walkhampton, Devon in 1752, with Elizabeth being from Newton Ferrers. Wonder how they met?
(To avoid too much duplication between these charts, they have been divided into descendants of Richard PEEK, which includes the line of Elizabeth ALGAR, descendants of Samuel ALGAR, and the top part of the ALGAR tree.)

PEEK family

  • PEEK Descendants of Richard & Martha PEEK (includes the line of Elizabeth ALGAR)

ALGAR family

The ALGAR connection looks like taking the prize for my earliest pedigree line to date.
The earlier generations of the following ALGAR tree come from a pedigree prepared by descendants in the late 1920s and sent to relations in New Zealand (checking to date makes the chart look likely, with the early 1700s data being corroborated by many lease agreements).
They are included here because one of these descendants found my web pages and contacted me in May 2009. We are 5th cousins once removed, and living only an hour or so apart here in New Zealand, sharing these distant Devon ancestors.