Other published databases

The following are links to external sites where I have published data.

Included are a couple of WorldConnect databases that have not been updated for some time, but may still be of interest, and a snapshot in time of the BDM data all my (deceased) relatives and their connections.
BUT with the changes to WorldConnect the site is no longer quite so convenient to use.
Those included in them may well now appear in my alternate BDM data website as research has proven connections.

  • Pedigree view seems to be limited to about 3 generations,
  • The Index of the people included in a tree is misleading in that it presents a search box at the top of the screen, filling the screen,
    Scroll down, and you'll find a list of all those beginning with the first letter of whatever surname you started from.
  • The database name and last update only appears on the homde person's profile.
    I have tried to set the links to open at the random person chosen by WorldConnect as the home person.

The databases:

Where else can you find families I'm interested in and have therefore researched?

Those in the above Fishing Expedition database, and subsequent investitgations can usually be found on WikiTree in my assorted BrickWall catagory pages.

These days I explore connections in the FamilySearch tree, adding sources, combining duplicates and often summarising the result by linking/adding them from there to WikiTree (the Chrome Extension WikiTree X is very handy for this).

Both are collaborative trees, aiming at one profile per person with disputes over connections/data documented and hopefully resolved to a mutually acceptable conclusion, leaving the genealogical world better informed, passing on collective wisdom to those interested.

Yes I know the pros and cons of collaborative trees and how both sides are extremely fixed in their views.

We do not own our ancestors, we share them - with many people.

I hope my research has proven helpful, and will outlive me, which it wont stuck on just my computer.