Just some of the people included on this site who are known to be buried at the cemeteries listed.
See the place index for possible further links as to places, photos etc, and the linked people for further information.
The lists will not be complete as many burials are in family groups, and mainly only the heads of family will show here.

Maxton burials

NameDied Place
Richardson, Elizabeth1831Maxton
Richardson, Walter1791Maxton
Sinton, Helen1883Maxton
Slater, Peter1870Lessudden / St Boswells
Wight, James1791Maxton
Wight, Robert1865Pinnacle
Wight, Walter1886Maxton
Wight, William1847Maxton

Morebattle burials

NameDied Place
Fairbairn, James1846Morebattle
Fairbairn, Walter1859Morebattle
Richardson, Jemima1886Sunlawshill
Robinson, Agnes1863Morebattle