Elizabeth Ralph1,2

(circa October 1753 - circa June 1818)
FatherJohn Ralph4,5 (cir. 1722 - May 1785)
MotherJane Prankard3,4 (cir. Mar 1722 - bet. 1758 - 1785)
Relationship4th great-grandmother of Lorna Henderson

BMDB data

     Betty Gale was born cir. Oct 1753 Martock, SOM, ENG, (date assumes correct burial identified)
Around this time there is at least one other option for Elizabeth's birth: the Nov 1852 baptism of Elizabeth to William & Hester RALPH.4,6,7 She was baptized on 14 Oct 1753 at Martock, Somerset; entry reads: Betty ye Dr of John & Jone Gale (or Rafe) was bap. 14 day (of Oct 1753/4.)4
     Elizabeth Ralph married Thomas Andrews, son of John Andrews and Anne Cuff, on 1 Apr 1777 at Martock, Somerset, entry reads: Thomas Andrews, weaver and Eliz: Ralph spinster, mar by banns, both of this parish, mark of each, witness Thomas Wever? and William Westcott.8,1,9
     Betty Andrews died cir. Jun 1818 Hurst?, Par. of Martock, SOM, ENG.6 She was buried on 28 Jun 1818 at Martock, Somerset, (assumes that this Betty is the Betty Andrews buried, aged 64.)6
     Of the two options for Elizabeth's/Betty's birth found to date, the Betty baptized to John & Joan GAE or RAFE is the currently selected version.
Baptisms of the chidren show assorted combinations of surname from GALE, to RALPH, to GALE also RAFE, or GALE alias RALPH

Does anyone know the origin of these aliases?3


     Elizabeth Ralph was also known as Betty. She was also known as Elizabeth Ralph. As of 1753, Elizabeth Ralph was also known as Betty Gale.4 As of 1818, Elizabeth Ralph was also known as Betty Andrews.

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Thomas Andrews (cir. Feb 1745 - Jan 1820)
  • John Andrews8 (cir. 1777 - cir. Jul 1867)
  • Thomas Andrews2 (Jun 1785 - cir. Oct 1846)
  • George Andrews2 (cir. Apr 1791 - )
  • Sarah Andrews2 (cir. Feb 1795 - )
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E. & O. E. Some/most parish records are rather hard to read and names, places hard to interpret, particularly if you are unfamiliar with an area.