Charles William Soutar

(31 December 1887 - 10 January 1944)
FatherDavid Soutar (Feb 1841 - Oct 1924)
MotherMargaret Wight1 (Jul 1852 - Apr 1931)
Relationship1st cousin 2 times removed of Lorna Henderson

BMDB data

     Charles William Soutar was born on 31 Dec 1887 Cupar, FIF, SCT.2,3
     Charles William Soutar married Ivy Elsie Povoas, daughter of William Henry Povoas and Emma Margaret Millman, bet. Sep 1927 - Dec 1927 reg. Manchester, LAN, ENG.4
     Charles William Soutar died on 10 Jan 1944 62 Kenwood Rd, Stretford, Manchester, LAN, ENG, at age 56; dth notice reads: Charles William Soutar, M.C., MA, B.Sc, PhD, the dearly loved husband of Helen Povoas and eldest son of the late Mr & Mrs Soutar, Chestney Hse, St Andrews. Service at Manchester Crem. Thurs 13th Jan at 1:30pm (I've reached the conclusion that "Helen" has to be Ivy Elsie, who went on to marry Charles adopted sister Elizabeth Jane SOUTAR or WHITSON's husband David McLaren PAUL.)5,6,7,4,8,9

Census/Where lived/Occupations

     The census of 1891 showed Charles and David and their sister Lizzie in the household of their parents David and Margaret Soutar Carslogie Rd, Cupar, FIF, SCT, enumerated as SOUTAR: David shoemaker 48 b Arbilot, Forfarshire; wife Margaret 39 b Maxton, ROX; Children: Lizzie Jane, 6 b Maxton; Charles William 3, David Alexr 9mths, both b Cupar, FIF. Servant Helen Robertson 20 b Orwell, Kinrosshire (although I now know that David and Margaret are Lizzie Jane's uncle and aunt instead.)10
     The census of 1901 showed Charles, David and Walter and their sisters Euphemia and Elizabeth in the household of their parents David and Margaret Soutar Westfield Rd, Cupar, FIF, SCT, enumerated as SOUTAR: David 58, boot merchant b ?Panhide?, Forfar; wife Margaret 49 b Maxton, ROX; Children: Elizabeth 16 scholar b Maxton; Charles W 13; David A 10; Euphemia S 8; Walter W 6 all scholars b Cupar, FIF; Servant Helen Myles 23 b Cupar (same comment re Elizabeth, she is the niece of David and Margaret. Euphemia is really Helen Euphemia Leckie Soutar, known as Effie.)11
     He was appointed junior assistant to the Professor of Mathematics in May 1913 St Andrews, FIF, SCT.12 Charles William Soutar was a lecturer in chemistry "in pre-war days" St Andrews, FIF, in his father's 1924 obit.13
     By 1924 Charles W Soutar was living Manchester, LAN, ENG, (when his father died.)13 When his mother died in 1931 Charles was living 58 Kenwood Rd, Stretford, Manchester, LAN, ENG.1


     In May 1918 Charles William Soutar was awarded awarded the Military Cross, the article in The Scotsman reading:" Lt Charles Soutar, M.G.C. , is the eldest son of Mr David Soutar, Crossgate, Cupar, and Glencoe, St Andrews. Prior to enlistment, Lieut Soutar was an assistant lecturer in chemistry in the University of St Andrews". I couldn't find any reference in the London Gazette to his having received an MC, which was instituted as a medal 28 Dec 1915 and awarded to commissioned officers of rank of Cpt or below for distinguished and meritorious service in battle on land, about 37000 were issued. However his medal card, shows him as SOUTAR (MC) and adds the information that he was a 2nd Lieut in the Scottish Rifles and a Major in the Machine Gun Corps, and received both the Victory medal and the British Star, having served in France, with entries dated 22 Sep 1916 and 16 Nov 1922.14,15,16

All the other info

     Charles William Soutar graduated from St Andrews, FIF, SCT, with a D.Sc.13 In Sep 1919 Charles William Soutar was St Andrews, FIF, SCT, a mention in The Scotsman from the University Court of St Andrews reporting that: "It was intimated that, on the nomination of the Court, Mr C W Soutar, M.A., B.Sc., had been granted a science research scholarship by the Royal Commissioners for the exhibition of 1851."17
     Charles William Soutar was the informant for the death of his mother Margaret Wight on 2 Apr 1931 in the Cottage Hospital, St Andrews, FIF, SCT.18,1


Ivy Elsie Povoas (Jun 1896 - 1970)
ChartsWilliam RICHARDSON of Pringlestead, Eckford
RUNCIMAN of Earlston/Wanton Walls
Last Edited25 Oct 2010


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