Isaac Dawe1,2

(circa 1769 - 24 December 1840)
Father-PossJohn Daw (say 1720 - Aug 1778); Certainly the baptism date matches Isaac's age at dth, but North Lew is in the parish of Black Torrington, the haunt of another family of DAWEs, and much further Nth East than the descendants of "our" Isaac tended to live, around the Tavistock and Newton Abbot districts.3,4
Mother-PossSarah Moore3,4 (cir. Jan 1720/21 - May 1783)
Relationship4th great-grandfather of Lorna Henderson

BMDB data

     Isaac Dawe was born cir. 1769 Tavistock, DEV, ENG.2,5 He was baptized on 8 May 1769 North Lew, DEV, ENG; this date assumes that this is the correct Isaac. Of the known places where Isaac lived, Lifton was a bit of a surprise, being a bit further away, albeit only about 8 miles as the crow flies, from the little triangle of Lamerton, Lumburn, Mill Hill. Northlew is twice as far again. In addition, the known children of John and Sarah were William, Sarah, Margaret, Gertrude and Isaac. We have no known Margarets or Gertrudes in the immediate family and descendants of Isaac and Sarah. Hardly conclusive, but usually indicative. Another researcher has him with a brother James and nephew George.3,4,5,6
     Isaac Dawe married Sarah Smith on 12 Jun 1796 Par. Ch, Tavistock, DEV, ENG, entry shows Isaac Dawe "of the Parish of Lamerton batchelor and Miller" and Sarah Smith of this Parish, Spinster, married by banns by Richd Sleeman, Curate Isaac X his mark, Sarah Smith signed; Wit: Nath: Smith, L K Hornbrook.7,2,8
     Isaac Daw died on 24 Dec 1840 Ventry St, Plymouth, DEV, ENG; aged 70 of asthma. He was shown as a miller and the inf. was his son Nathaniel, also a miller, living at Bedford Cottage, Tavistock.5,9 He was buried on 29 Dec 1840 Plymouth Charles, DEV, ENG, entry shows Isaac DAW as aged 70, of Ventry St.9

Census/Where lived/Occupations

     At the time of his marriage in Jun 1796 Isaac Dawe was a miller Mill Hill Quarry, Par. of Lamerton, DEV, ENG, and all bar two children were baptised at Lamerton. The baptisms apparently don't show places for Isaac and Sarah until the last two Lamerton children, Richard and Thomas, 1812 and 1814, by which time Isaac is shown as a miller at Mill Hill Quarry.8,10 By Nov 1819 Isaac Dawe and Sarah Smith were living Leat Mill, Lifton, DEV, ENG, when their last son Richard was born even though tax information on Lammerton Mill does show Isaac as paying tax on the mill to His Grace the Duke of Bedford from 1797 up to and including 1824 (Tax assessed £1/2s to 1820, then £1/6/5) perhaps at least some of these are Isaac's son Isaac, although he is generally shown as being at Newton Mill?11,4,12

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Sarah Smith (cir. 1774 - Feb 1833)
  • Isaac Smith Dawe+2 (cir. Mar 1797 - May 1851)
  • John Daw+14 (cir. Oct 1798 - Jul 1831)
  • Sarah Dawe+2 (cir. Dec 1800 - Jan 1877)
  • Nathaniel Smith Dawe5,2 (cir. Apr 1802 - bet. Sep 1866 - Dec 1866)
  • Honor Dawe2 (cir. Dec 1804 - )
  • Betsey Dawe2 (cir. Nov 1806 - May 1876)
  • Joan Smith Dawe+2,15 (cir. Jan 1809 - Feb 1862)
  • William Smith Dawe2,16 (cir. Dec 1810 - May 1877)
  • Richard Dawe2 (Nov 1812 - Oct 1814)
  • Thomas Dawe17,2,18 (cir. Dec 1814 - Apr 1871)
  • Richard Dawe+19,11 (cir. Nov 1819 - May 1873)
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E. & O. E. Some/most parish records are rather hard to read and names, places hard to interpret, particularly if you are unfamiliar with an area.