Isaac Smith Dawe1,2

(circa March 1797 - 11 May 1851)
FatherIsaac Dawe2 (cir. 1769 - Dec 1840)
MotherSarah Smith2 (cir. Jan 1774 - Feb 1833)
Relationship3rd great-grandfather of Lorna Henderson
Signatures of father/son Isaac Smith DAW (sic) and Isaac DAWE (sic)

BMDB data

     Isaac Smith Dawe was born cir. Mar 1797 Lamerton, DEV, ENG, (1851 census says Tavistock but that's presumed to be rather more generic.)3,4,5 He was baptized on 31 Mar 1797 Lamerton, DEV; entry reads: Isaac Smtih Son of Isaac and Sarah Dawe 31st Do (Mar, 1797.)4,6
     Isaac Smith Daw married Betsey Matters, daughter of Richard Matters and Patience Pike, on 25 Aug 1818 Bere Ferrers, Par. of Bere Ferrers, DEV, ENG, entry in Beer Ferris in Tavistock parish register for 25 Aug 1818 shows Isaac Smith DAWE (sic) as sojourner of this parish, and Betsey Metters (sic) of this parish spinster, "married in this church by banns with the consent of their parents" by Harry Hobart, Rector. Both signed: Isaac Smith Daw (sic) and Betsey Matters (sic). Wit: Humphrey Roberts, Mary Box (neither of whom witnessed other marriages on the page.)7,2,8
     Isaac Smith Dawe died on 11 May 1851 Lumburn Mill, nr Lamerton, DEV, ENG; Vol XX p. 365: 11th May 1851, Lumborn, Tavistock, aged 54, miller, of Hypertrophy of the heart of many months. Inf. Geroge Prout, reg. 14th May (Assumed to have died at the Lumburn Mill.)2,9,10

Census/Where lived/Occupations

     Fr 1818 - 1841 Isaac Smith Dawe was living Mill Hill, Par. of Lamerton, DEV, ENG, this from the baptisms of Mary and Isaac (Mill Hill). Other baptisms say Newton Mill, which is assumed to be one and the same building seen on my travels - now restored/converted into a house.11,12
     Isaac Daw and Betsy Daw appeared on the census of 7 Jun 1841 Newton Mill, Tavistock, DEV, ENG, and are assumed to be husband and wife. They were enumerated as Isaac Daw, 40, miller; Betsy, 45, both b cty (on following page): Betsy Daw, 15; Honor, 9; Jane, 8; David, 4; James Walkey(?), 15 M.S. All b Cty. Neighbours in household immediately preceding this were Mary Bidgood and family, Mary being the mother of Abraham, husband of Joan, Isaac's sister.13
     Isaac Smith Dawe was shown as the head of the household in the census of 31 Mar 1851 Lumburn, Dist of Tavistock, DEV, ENG, with Betsy enumerated as DAW: Isaac S head 54, miller emp 4m & 1b, b. Tavistock; Betsy: Miller's wife, 58 b Beeralston. Honer (sic) Gale, 15, niece, b Mariston (sic), DEV. Servants: Thomas Hains, mar, 30, miners labourer; William Kerslake, 14, farm lab; Frederick Jackman, 15, farm lab. all b Tavistock.5,14


     Isaac Smith Dawe left a will on 10 Nov 1847 Lumburn, Dist of Tavistock, DEV, ENG, Will dated: 10 November 1847... First I give and Bequeath to Betsey my dearly beloved Wife whom I constitute make and ordain the sole Executrix of this my last Will Testament of all my Household Goods and Chattels and debts and Effects Lands Messuages and Tenements and every thing that I'm possessed of by her freely to be possesIsaac Smith Daweed and enjoyed during of her natural life and after her death all my Children is to devide the Property each to have an equal part and I do hereby declare this and no other to be my last Will and Testament But if my beloved Wife should marry her shall onley have her equall part with the Children I do constitute all my Leasehold Property to my too sons Isaac Daw and David Daw as my sole Exec[u]tors after the death of Betsey Daw my beloved Wife and the whole of the Property to be valued and all of my Daughters to have an equal part of whatsoever may be in my poss[ess]ion ...In Witness whearof I have hearunto set my hand and seal this the tenth day of November in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight hundred and Fortey-seven
My Daughters Names are as follows Mary Cook Betsey Bennett, Thirza Daw, Honor Daw and Jane Daw
Isaac Smith Daw
Signed sealed Published Pronounced and declared by the said Isaac Smith Daw as his last Will and Testament in the presences of us who in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribe our Names
Richard Doidge
John Herding

The Will was proved by the widow Betsey Smith Daw on 28 June 1851, when the value of the estate was stated to be under £2,000.15


     Isaac Smith Dawe was shown as Isaac Daw in the census of 1841.16 As of 1845, Isaac Smith Dawe was also known as Isaac Smith Daw.17

All the other info

     Isaac Smith Dawe and William Dawe Brentor, Par. of Lamerton, DEV, ENG, in 1819 were possibly related, ?cousins of some sort? William's parents have Marystow and Lamerton connections.18 Isaac Smith Dawe and Thomas Daw Newton, DEV, ENG, in 1841 were possibly related, (on same census page, Isaac a miller at Newton Mill, Thomas a farmer at Newton, closest possible relationship would be cousins.)16 Isaac Smith Daw witnessed the marriage of Edward Bennett and Bettsey Dawe on 28 Feb 1845 Par. Ch, Tavistock, DEV, ENG.19,20,21,17 Isaac Smith Dawe and Male Daw in 1950 were possibly related, Eric assumes that the Daws running the Kingsteignton Mill nr Newton Abbot in 1950 are related to the Cockingford Mill DAWs.22

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     Click here to see Isaac's page on WikiTree, a (free) collaborative on-line tree.23
     Isaac Smith Dawe belongs to a DNA tested line. There may be more information available on DNASurnames under the DNA project for his/her surname/line.


Betsey Matters (cir. Apr 1792 - Oct 1863)
  • Mary Dawe11 (cir. Dec 1818 - bet. Mar 1892 - Jun 1892)
  • Isaac Dawe11,24 (cir. Jul 1821 - Mar 1822)
  • Bettsey Dawe (Feb 1823 - Mar 1891)
  • Thirza Dawe (cir. Apr 1825 - Oct 1891)
  • Isaac Dawe (cir. Jan 1827 - May 1894)
  • Honor Daw+25 (cir. Jul 1831 - Jun 1897)
  • Jane Dawe2 (Apr 1833 - aft. 1847)
  • Sarah Dawe2,26 (cir. Feb 1835 - Feb 1835)
  • David Dawe (cir. Jul 1836 - May 1915)
  • John Dawe27 (cir. Jul 1838 - Nov 1838)
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E. & O. E. Some/most parish records are rather hard to read and names, places hard to interpret, particularly if you are unfamiliar with an area.