Honor Dawe

(between March 1842 and June 1842 - between 1881 and 1891)
FatherWilliam Smith Dawe1 (cir. Dec 1810 - May 1877)
MotherMary Way2 (cir. Apr 1811 - Feb 1864)
Relationship1st cousin 4 times removed of Lorna Henderson

BMDB data

     Honor Dawe was born bet. Mar 1842 - Jun 1842 Nth Tawton, Dist of Okehampton, DEV, ENG.2,3,4,5 Some sources show Honor as born cir. 1837 Bristol, GLS, ENG, (but I believe that the 1881 census is a tad misleading for most of the family.)6
     Honor Dawe married Nicholas Combellack, son of Thomas Combellack and Sally Reed, on 24 Feb 1858 at the Par. Ch, Wendron, Dist of Helston, CON, ENG, an ancestry db has 24 Feb 1859 but as the marriage was registered in 1858 qtr1 I've assumed 24 Feb 1858. Diane (date as 24 Feb 1859) says Nicholas was a miller in 1859, as was Honor's father William and both were resid. Lower Town at the time, which is confirmed by Alan's transcript via an English researcher Hugh: Marriage after banns on 24th Feb 1858 at The Parish Church, St Wendron, Cornwall between Nicholas COMBELLACK, 21, Bachelor, Miller, of Lower Town, son of Thomas COMBELLACK, Miner and Honor DAWE, 17, Spinster, of Lower Town, daughter of William Dawe, Miller. He marks, she signs. Witnesses Richard Harris (Honor's brother-in-law) and John Pascoe.7,8,9,10,1,11
     Honor Dawe died bet. 1881 - 1891 ?WLS or ?ENG; (no dth registration yet found as Honor, or Flora, indexes searched 1871 thru 1904 so far, assuming indexed under surname spelt Combe... Subsequent info shows Nicholas aka Henry Combellack as a widowed Charles Henry Charles in Plymouth in 1891, so back to the drawing board for searching - and with Sarah's birth cert showing her as Hannah, just possibly, she's the Hannah CHARLES, aged 50 reg. 1st qtr 1891?)12,13,14,15,6

Census/Where lived/Occupations

     The census of 31 Mar 1851 showed Sarah, Elizabeth, Honor, Louisa, Maria and Emily and their brothers William and Isaac in the household of their parents William and Mary Daw Trelubis, Wendron, CON, ENG, enumerated as DAW: William, head, mar 43, miller & farmer 25 ac. b. Lamerton, DEV: wife Mary 38 b Nth Tawton, DEV. Children: Sarah, dtr, 13 b Okehampton, DEV; Elizabeth 11 b Sheepwash, DEV; Honor, 8 b Nth Tawton; Louisa, 6 b Helston, CON; Jane Maria 3 b Wendron, CON; Emily 2 b Wendron: William John 1 b Wendron; Isaac, son, unm 15, b Nth Tawton. Servant William Oliver um 27 - miller's labourer b. Helston; William Mois servant, mar 21 miller, born Sithney.5
     By Feb 1858 Honor Dawe was living Lower Town, Par. of Wendron, CON, ENG, (when she married Nicholas.)1 Honor Dawe appeared on the census of 1861 as wife of Nicholas Combellack Trenethick, Wendron, Dist of Helston, CON, ENG, enumerated as COMBELLACK: Nicholas 24 journeyman miller b Wendron, CON; wife Honour 19 b Devonshire; Children: William 2, Emily Jane 4 mos both b Wendron, CON; Neighbour of John (40 tin buyer b Wendron, CON) & Jane Pryor.16
     The census of 7 Apr 1871 showed Honor with her husband Nicholas, their sons William, Richard, Isaac and Henry, their dtrs Emily, Mary and Anna Anvour, Dist of Helston, CON, ENG, household enumerated as COMBELLACK: Nicholas 37 miller b Wendron, CON; wife Honour 29 b Devon; Children: William 11 tin miner, Jane 9, Richard 8, Isaac 7 all scholars all b Wendron; Charles 5 scholar b Nth Tawton, DEV; Mary 1 b St Keverne, CON; Anna 3 Mos b Sithney, CON.12
     Flora Combellack appeared on the census of 1881 66 Union St, Llandaff, Dist of Cardiff, GLA, WLS, with Henry Combellack, enumerated as COMBELLACK: Henry 44 miller ; wife Flora 44 both b Bristol, GLS; Children: May 12, Annie 10, both scholars b Bristol; Ada 3 b Bath, GLS (sic); Fanny 2 b Bath, SOM.6


     As of 1879, Honor Dawe was also known as Hannah Combellack and is enumerated in the 1881 census as Flora!15,6

All the other info

     Honor may, or may not, be the Flora with Henry Combellack in Cardiff. Jury still out, although with the recent (Dec 2009) discovery of dtr Sarah aka Fanny's birth cert it does look like Honor aka Hannah, might also be aka Flora, unless Henry remarried between 1879 and 1881.
I had thought that with the quite large gap to the two younger dtrs in the family with Henry and Flora in 1881 that this might be a second marriage for Henry with Honor having died. However no death registration was obvious under any of the permuations of name, and Sarah's 1879 birth cert. definitely says her parents are Charles Henry Combellack, miller, and Hannah (sic) Combellack formerly Dawe.
Henry is definitely Nicholas. He is the right age and occupation, wrong birthplace (Bristol instead of Cornwall), but dtrs May and Anna with them match Mary and Anna with them in 1871. Also son Isaac's Cardiff marr. cert states his father is Henry, and his burial in Thanet says his father is Nicholas, both with the same wife Annie Pugh.17


Nicholas Combellack (cir. Dec 1836 - bet. 1911 - 1919)
  • William Dawe Combellack16 (cir. 1859 - bet. Jun 1934 - Sep 1934)
  • Emily Jane Combellack16 (cir. Dec 1860 - aft. 1891)
  • Isaac Daw Combellack12,18,13 (bet. Mar 1862 - Jun 1862 - Feb 1919)
  • Richard Thomas Combellack+12 (Jul 1863 - Nov 1939)
  • Henry Charles12 (bet. Jan 1867 - Mar 1867 - bet. Jun 1893 - Sep 1893)
  • Mary Combellack12 (bet. Mar 1868 - Jun 1868 - aft. 1911)
  • Anna Louisa Combellack12 (cir. Jan 1871 - aft. 1911)
  • Ada Combellack6 (cir. 1878 - aft. 1891)
  • Sarah Combellack6 (Jul 1879 - aft. 1891)
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E. & O. E. Some/most parish records are rather hard to read and names, places hard to interpret, particularly if you are unfamiliar with an area.