Richard Thomas Combellack1,2

(22 July 1863 - 15 November 1939)
FatherNicholas Combellack3 (cir. Dec 1836 - bet. 1911 - 1919)
MotherHonor Dawe3 (bet. Mar 1842 - Jun 1842 - bet. 1881 - 1891)
Relationship2nd cousin 3 times removed of Lorna Henderson

BMDB data

     Richard Thomas Combellack was born on 22 Jul 1863 Trelubis, Wendron, Dist of Helston, CON, ENG, Alan advises that the birth cert. shows Richard Thomas as the son of Nicholas Combellack, miller, and Honor formerly Daw. Registered at Helston on 7th August 1863 by Nicholas Combellack, father, of Trelubis, Wendron who marks.3,2,1,4 Some sources show Richard as born cir. 1867 Helston, CON, ENG, (from 1901 census - but birth registrations from 1865 thru 1871 have no Richards, the closest name match being a Thomas Charles.)5,6 Yet other sources show Richard as born cir. 1870 Lowertown, nr Helston, CON, ENG, only immediately obvious Richard births 1861 thru 1874: Richard James 1861 Helston Sep qtr 5c/228, Richard Thomas 1863 Sep qtr Helston 5c/228 and Richard Exelby Dec 1872 Helston 5c/203, which strongly suggests that he lied about his age to enlist, and reinforces the id of Richard aka Richard Charles as being Richard Thomas.7
     Richard Charles Combellack married Annie Ada Wood on 14 Aug 1893 in the Par. Ch of St Marys, Penzance, CON, ENG, cert. transcript shows they married after banns; Richard Charles Combellack, 25, Bachelor, Labourer of Quay Street, son of Nichlas (sic) Combellack, Miller and Annie 19, spinster of Quay Street, daughter of James Wood, basket maker. Both sign. Wit: James Wood and Elizabeth Hollow.8,9,10,11
     Richard Thomas Combellack died on 15 Nov 1939 Morrab Pl, Penzance, CON, ENG, at age 76.3,2,7,12,13
     Investigations as to whether or not Richard, Richard Thomas and Richard Charles are one and the same person:
Birth reg 1863 (which matches 1871 census age) indexed as Richard Thomas (a slightly earlier Richard James looks more likely to belong to a mother Eliza and a family of tin miners)
1881 census shows a Richard T, corn miller, with sister Emily in Bristol
1893 a Richard Charles marries an Annie WOOD
1914 a 44 yr old caretaker (implies born abt 1870) Richard Combellack's attestation papers show his next of kin as Mrs Annie Combellack of 24 Clarance St Penzance
1919 death of a Richard James Combellack, DCM in Mesopotamia is listed as son of Mr & Mrs R T Combellack of 24 Clarance St, Penzance.
QED - but with an unanswered question as to the significance as to a middle name of Charles - as brother Isaac also seems to switch from Isaac Daw to Isaac Charles Combellack
For a while I toyed with the idea that Richard Charles might actually be Charles, born c 1866, but I currently think he's Charles Henry and living in Wales in 1881 when this Richard was in Bristol as a corn miller.14,15,7


     On 26 Jul 1929 When Laura Alexandra Combellack arrived on the "Laurentic", Montreal, QUE, CAN, Richard Thomas Combellack was given as the nearest relative "from whence alien came."16

Census/Where lived/Occupations

     The census of 7 Apr 1871 showed William, Richard, Isaac and Henry and their sisters Emily, Mary and Anna in the household of their parents Nicholas and Honor Dawe Anvour, Dist of Helston, CON, ENG, enumerated as COMBELLACK: Nicholas 37 miller b Wendron, CON; wife Honour 29 b Devon; Children: William 11 tin miner, Jane 9, Richard 8, Isaac 7 all scholars all b Wendron; Charles 5 scholar b Nth Tawton, DEV; Mary 1 b St Keverne, CON; Anna 3 Mos b Sithney, CON.3
     Richard Thomas Combellack appeared on the census of 1881 11 Charlotte Bldgs, Bristol, GLS, ENG, enumerated as COMBOLLOCK: Richard T unm 17 corn miller b Helston, CON; sister Emily Jane 19 worker in ??glass at factory b Helston; Boarders SNELL b Nth Taunton, DEV and RILFORD b GLS.2,17 He was likely to be ?outside UK in 1891 he's invisible (so far) in 1891 in ENG or WLS as either CHARLES or COMBELLACK, if he knew his age within 2 yrs. There's a gardener in Fulham, LND Richd CHARLES, 28 but he says he's born Southampton; And a Richard CHARLES, 26, pedlar of coal, hawker in Weston Super Mere who says he's born Plymouth (brother William's closest 1891 match was`also as a hawker.)14
     Richard Thomas Combellack appeared on the census of 1901 1 New Town Pl, Penzance, CON, ENG, with Ada Combellack, enumerated as COMBELLACK: Richard 34 mason labourer, worker b Helston, CON; wife Ada (sic, but children matches Annie in 1911) 25 b Penzance, CON; Children: Lavinia 7, Richard 5, Cecil 3, Gladys 2 all b Penzance.5
     Richard Thomas Combellack appeared on the census of 1911 1 Foster Pl, New St, Penzance, CON, ENG, with Annie Ada Wood, enumerated as COMBELLACK: Richard 43 caretaker Wesleyan Day School b Helston, CON; wife Annie (marr. 17 yrs, 9 children, all living) 36 b Penzance; Children: Vene 17 packer steam laundry, Richard 15 errand boy, Cecil 13 errand boy, Gladys 11 school, Laura 8, Norman 7, Bernard 5, Mable (sic) 3,Theodore 1 All b Penzance, CON.9 Richard Thomas Combellack and Annie Ada Wood lived in Aug 1914 24 Clarance St, Penzance, CON, ENG.7 Richard Thomas Combellack was a retired storeman in Sep 1935.18


     Richard Thomas Combellack was in military service on 6 Aug 1914 Penzance, CON, ENG, Territorial Force attestation of Richard COMBELLACK No 1797 (crossed out with 3473 above it)
Born Lowertown nr Helston, Cornwall, caretaker in employ of Penzance Pavilion Co, married, prev. service with Royal Marines - time expired
Signed Richard Combellack
Medical Inspection Report
apparent age 44; height 5'7 3/4"; chest 34 1/2; good vision and physical development (examined Penzance 6 Aug 1914
Appointed to 4th Battln D of Corn LL

Statement of Services of 1797 (crossed out, 3474 written above:
service reckons from 6.8.14, Pte;
transferred 28.11.14
5th Co appointed L/C 3.3.15
..yal defense Corps 22 post boy transferred 29.6.16
Posted L/Cpl 2.2.17
disembodied on demobilization 26/4/19
signed London, home address 24 Clarance St, Penzance, Cornwall
Military History Sheet:
4 years 264 days.
Campaigns: Home 6.8.14 to 26.4.19
nok "wife Mrs Annie COMBELLACK of 24 Clarance St, Penzance, Cornwall."7


     As of 1893, Richard Thomas Combellack was also known as Richard Charles Combellack (on the marriage index.)10

All the other info

     From tree of Richard COMBELLACK: `
Richard and Annie had 11 children. One was born dead. The others lived good long lives except for the first son, also Richard, who was killed in WW1.19


Annie Ada Wood (Nov 1875 - Jul 1927)
  • Lavinia Ada Combellack5 (Dec 1893 - May 1990)
  • Richard James Combellack DCM20 (Mar 1896 - Sep 1918)
  • Cecil Garnet A Combellack5 (bet. Mar 1897 - Jun 1897 - bet. 1944 - 1983)
  • Gladys Lucretia Combellack5 (Apr 1899 - Feb 1936)
  • Laura Alexandra Combellack9 (cir. Jun 1901 - 1972)
  • Norman Combellack9 (May 1903 - Jun 1987)
  • William Bernard Combellack9,18 (Oct 1905 - Mar 1991)
  • Mabel Elizabeth Combellack9 (Feb 1908 - Jun 1999)
  • Theodore Combellack9 (Mar 1910 - Jun 1991)
  • Mona Lesbia Combellack21 (Apr 1915 - Mar 1939)
ChartsMy direct DAWE line
Last Edited15 Dec 2016


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E. & O. E. Some/most parish records are rather hard to read and names, places hard to interpret, particularly if you are unfamiliar with an area.