Andrew Turnbull

(28 October 1884 - 1 May 1952)
FatherRobert Turnbull (Mar 1853 - Aug 1922)
MotherHelen Rowe (Jun 1861 - May 1917)
Relationship1st cousin 2 times removed of Lorna Henderson

BMDB data

     Andrew Turnbull was born on 28 Oct 1884 Waitara, TNK, NZ.1 He was christened on 1 Mar 1885.2
     Andrew Turnbull died on 1 May 1952 New Plymouth, TNK, NZ, at age 67.3,4,5 He was buried Huirangi, nr Waitara, TNK, NZ, cremated, ashes scattered over cemetery.6
     Fence surrounding Huirangi Cemetery donated as a memorial to the Turnbull family.
Or possibly that's how the Trustees of the Cemetery chose to use the £100 Andrew left them in his will?7,8


     Andrew and Sarah were beneficiaries in the 1 Dec 1917 will of their father Robert Turnbull Huirangi, nr Waitara, TNK, NZ, Andrew received the farm of 201 acres, sections 44 thru 58 on the map of the Huirangi Dist., Sarah £1,500.9
     Andrew Turnbull wrote a will on 19 Nov 1946 New Plymouth, TNK, NZ, "THIS IS THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT of me ANDREW TURNBULL of New Plymouth in the Provincial District of Taranaki in the Dominion of New Zealand, Retired Farmer."
"AND I APPOINT as the executors and trustees of this my will NEWTON JONES of Uruti Farmer and NORMAN FENWICK LITTLE of New Plymouth Solicitor and the survivor of them ..."
"2. I GIVE AND BEQUEATH the following legacies in each case free of estate and sucession duty:-
(a) The sum of one hundred pounds (£100) to the Trustees of the Huirangi Cemetery, for the general purposes of the cemetery; and
(b) The sum of Four hundred pounds (£400) to the New Plymouth Astronomical Society, for its general purposes; and
(c) The sum of one hundred pounds (£100) to such of the children of the said Newton Jones as are living at my death and if more than one in equal shares absolutely; and
(d) My Greenstone Maori adze to LESLEY WILLIAM ROWE son of my friend ALBERT ROWE; [annotated in margin, and initialled as "Dec'd" by three sets of initials including AT] and
(e) All furniture, books, pictures, clothing, jewellery and other articles of household use or ornamentation or for personal use wear or adornment and all Maoria axes and relics owned by me at my death (not hereinbefore otherwise disposed of) to my said sister Sarah Turnbull absolutely AND I express it as my wish (but without creating any binding trust in that regard) that she give certain of my books and pictures to the persons or institutions whom I have named to her in writing in regard thereto.
3. I GIVE DEVISE AND BEQUEATH free of estate and succession duty my dwelling house and section of land in Tukapo Street in New Plymouth aforesaid (being Allotment 20 Block III on Deposited Plan No. 2765 of part of the Town of Dartmoor Extension No. 1 and being all the land in Certificate of Title Volume 105 Folio 262 Taranaki Registry) UNTO MY TRUSTEES upon trust to allow my said sister SARAH TURNBULL as from the date of my death to reside personally in the said dwelling-house and to have the personal use and enjoyment of the said land during her lifetime free of rent and of any obligation to pay any rates taxes insurance premiums or other outgoings payable in connection with the said land and dwelling-house
"AS WITNESS my hand this 19th day of November one thousand nine hundred and forty six (1946)"
SIGNED by the said ANDREW TURNBULL as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us together present at the same time who in his presence at his request and in the presence of each other have hereinto subscribed our names as witnesses:
C H Strombon and A.. J.. Solicitors of New Plymouth.10,8 His estate was probated on 12 May 1952 New Plymouth, TNK; The file shows that Andrew died 1 May 1952 at New Plymouth (affidavit of executors Newton Jones, farmer Uruti, and Norman Fenwick Little, solicitor - who attended his funeral).
Estate believe to be under £8,500 (sworn 9 May 1952).
Probate granted to the above executors 13 May 1952.
Final value of estate declared to be £7623/19/11d.10,8
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ROWE descendant chart
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