Robert McAdie1

(7 December 1827 - 3 February 1898)
FatherGeorge MacAdie2,3,4 (cir. May 1803 - Sep 1883)
MotherElizabeth Rosie2,4 (cir. 1806 - bet. 1871 - 1881)
Relationship1st cousin 4 times removed of Lorna Henderson

BMDB data

     Robert McAdie was born on 7 Dec 1827 Ackergill, CAI, SCT.5,3 He was baptized on 11 Jan 1828 Par. of Wick, CAI, SCT.2,4
     Robert McAdie married Ann Meason, daughter of John Mason and Jessie Gibson, on 21 Apr 1848 South Leith, MLN, SCT.1,6,7
     Robert McAdie died on 3 Feb 1898 in the Hospital, Ararat, County of Ripon, VIC, AUS, at age 70; cert. #74 shows Robert as a 71 yr old carpenter, s/o George McAdie, farmer, mother "unknown". Inf. son David of Ararat. Reg. Ararat 4th Feb, buried Ararat 5th Feb Presb. Minister officiating; Married Edinburgh at about age 25 to Ann, surname unknown, 40 yrs in Victoria. Issue: George 45, Jessie dead, David 36.4,3,8,9,10 He was buried with Ann Meason in the General Cem., Ararat, VIC, AUS, Robert on 05 Feb 1898, Ann on 22 Mar 1897.5


     Robert McAdie and Nancy McAdie left from either London 24 Apr or Plymouth by 2 May on the "Sultana" arriving Port Adelaide on 8 Aug 1851 A transcribed passenger list shows a Robert, 24, carpenter of Caithness with a 20 yr old Nancy (sic) and 1 yr old George. As George was shown as a 1 yr old grdchild with his grdparents in Wick, Caithness on 30 Mar 1851, the family must have had a quick dash down the country to leave, but apart from Robert's wife name being shown as Nancy rather than Ann, this does fit known information. None of the other passengers listed are from Caithness, and Scottish families are decidedly in the minority.11,12

Census/Where lived/Occupations

     Robert McAdie appeared on the census of 1841 Hillhead, Par. of Wick, CAI, SCT, in the household of George MacAdie and Elizabeth McAdie and is assumed to be a son (aged 13 born county.)13,4
     The census of 30 Mar 1851 showed Robert with his wife Ann Yard Head (47), South Leith, MLN, SCT, household enumerated as Robert McAdie, head 23 joiner journeyman; wife Ann Mason 22; both b Wick, CAI; Lodgers: Benjamin Dunbar 19 apprentice plumber b Wick; Robert Morison 17 apprentice joiner b Watten (although the image does show this latter as Morison, I haven't been able to find Robert Manson, joiner anywhere else, so I believe this is actually Robert Manson, especially as he later married in Edinburgh and is 1st cousin to Robert McAdie.1,14) Robert McAdie was as a builder in partnership "R McAdie & Duncan" Ararat, VIC, AUS.5


     His surname was recorded as MacAdie.2

All the other info

     Spurred on by a contact (May 2006) from a researcher with a connection to Robert's brother George's wife Elizabeth Sandison Bremner, I checked the family of George McAdie and Elizabeth Rosie to see what I still had to find. Lots. I cast around what I already had in my db as speculative data: a 1 yr old grdchild George born Leith, Edinburgh with his grdparents in 1851 and no definitive parent; several McAdies of the right timeframe to be children of Robert floating around marrying in Victoria, Australia with names like David and George, with a first son called Robert; but no intervening data. I quickly found a Robert McAdie marrying in Leith, and found him in the 1851 census to prove he was indeed from Caithness and of the right age to be the Robert I was looking for. I decided to check the Australian marriage cert. for George, his likely son. Bingo. And the marriage was at the groom's residence in Ararat, so it was highly likely that I'd find my definitive link by finding Robert's dth cert. It initially eluded me as it was indexed as Robt, not Robert. Although his mother's name is not known on the cert, his father was given as George, a farmer, and Robert was of the right age, so I'm convinced I've found what happened to George and Elizabeth's son Robert.
     I'm still wondering who on earth is William? Robert's brother? I haven't spotted any obvious BDM events in Victoria for a William as yet, only the place of birth for dtr Jessie's son Harold Henderson McAdie which was "at the house of a Wm McAdie.12" Robert McAdie and George McAdie were shown as shareholders of the Williams Freehold Gold Mining Company, Robert with 26 shares and George with 9 on 22 Nov 1872 Ararat, VIC, AUS.15
     Robert McAdie was the informant for the death of his daughter Jessie McAdie Brotherton on 19 Feb 1894 Bright, Cty of Delatite, VIC, AUS.16,17,3,18
     Robert outlived his wife Ann Meason who died on 19 Mar 1897.19,7,1,20
     Robert McAdie is possibly the man appearing in the photo taken 1898 Ararat, VIC; There exists a photograph in the Ararat Museum in a montage of early Ararat pioneers of one D McAdie, given as arriving in 1857. The montage was assembled in 1898 and shows an old man, certainly too old to be David Alexander McAdie It therefore appears to be a photograph of his father Robert McAdie and if taken in 1898, shows him not long before his death in that year.21 He was shown on his hospital admission on 6 Jan 1898 to the General Hosp., Ararat, VIC, AUS, as admitted with a malignant cystic tumor of the neck, and shown as a 70 yr old Presbyterian carpenter who arrived in the Colony in 1851, born Scotland.22

External links

     Click here to see Robert's page on WikiTree, a (free) collaborative on-line tree.23
     Robert McAdie belongs to a DNA tested line. There may be more information available on DNASurnames under the DNA project for his/her surname/line.


Ann Meason (cir. 1829 - Mar 1897)
  • George McAdie+17,3 (cir. 1850 - May 1934)
  • Jessie McAdie9,3 (cir. 1858 - Feb 1894)
  • David Alexander McAdie24,20,3 (Feb 1861 - Jan 1929)
ChartsDescendants of my direct McADIE line
Last Edited31 May 2022


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E. & O. E. Some/most parish records are rather hard to read and names, places hard to interpret, particularly if you are unfamiliar with an area.