George MacAdie

(say 1700 - )

BMDB data

     George MacAdie was born say 1700 ?Watten, CAI, SCT, date and place assumed.1
     George MacAdie married Isobel Manson on 30 Jan 1729 Watten, Par. of Watten, CAI, SCT, entry reads: Jan 11 1729 matrimonially contracted George McAdie younger in Houstry dun and Isobell Manson in Gillock in Bower Paroch and by these bind themselves to consumate marriage within 40 days Accomplished Jan 30th.2
     NB son David is shown as the one married to Isobel (the tree lists her as Elizabeth/Bettie) COOPER on the strength of the naming pattern of their children.
The McADIE tree held at the Dunbeath Heritage Centre shows that David as the son of John & Elspeth SUTHERLAND or DONALDSON instead, only showing a William for this George's tree.3,4

Census/Where lived/Occupations

     In Jan 1729 George MacAdie was living Houstry Dun, Par. of Watten, CAI, SCT.2
     By Aug 1733 George MacAdie and Isobel Manson were living South Dun(n), Par. of Watten, CAI, SCT.5 By Jan 1750 they were living Newtown, Par. of Watten, CAI, SCT.6


     George MacAdie was also known as MacKady. In 1733 his surname was recorded as McCady.7 In 1750 his surname was recorded as McAdy.6


Isobel Manson (bef. 1709 - )
  • Janet McCady7 (cir. Aug 1733 - )
  • Chirstan MacAdie (cir. Dec 1736 - )
  • George MacAdie (Apr 1739 - )
  • William MacAdie (Dec 1744 - )
  • David McAdie (cir. Jul 1747 - aft. 1795)
  • James MacAdie6 (Jan 1750 - )
ChartsGeorge & Isobel (MAN/MANSON) McADIE
Last Edited7 Jul 2013


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