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Charts only show those I have researched, only descendants still with the surname McADIE, and their spouses, and usually only deceased McADIE family members. Exceptions include direct lines down to fellow researchers wishing to be shown on their chart, or for DNA project participants who have agreed to be shown in the McADIE DNA project. Should you wish to be included in your relevant chart, please contact the webmistress, using the link in the page footer.
So, in general, charts are by no means complete. Please refer further queries to the researcher(s) listed for the line.
Where there is doubt, conflicting evidence for relationships, or additional published information exists, this is usually discussed on the appropriate person's page, follow the link and make up your mind from the information and sources shown.

We would love to explore the relationships that seem highly likely to exist between the assorted Caithness McADIE/McADY/MacCADDY etc family trees.
If you are a direct male line McADIE from this line, or any of the others, do please consider joining the McADIE Surname DNA project.
  • William0 McAdie (say 1755 - )
    • Susanna Mullekin (say 1755 - )
      • John1 McKadie (cir. Jan 1781 - )
      • Robert1 McCadie (Dec 1785 - )
      • William1 McAdy (Mar 1788 - )
      • Susanna1 McAdy (Dec 1790 - )
      • George1 McAdie (cir. Oct 1793 - Apr 1879)
        • Margaret Levach (cir. 1797 - bet. 1861 - 1879)
          • William2 McAdie (Apr 1829 - May 1865)
          • George2 McAdie (cir. 1836 - aft. 1851)
          • Robert2 McAdie (cir. 1845 - aft. 1871)
      • James1 McAdy (cir. May 1796 - )