Elizabeth Rowe1

(21 April 1772 - September 1816)
FatherJoseph Rowe1 (cir. Jan 1749 - cir. Oct 1811)
MotherElizabeth Cross1 (1747 - Nov 1844)
Relationship4th great-aunt of Lorna Henderson

BMDB data

     Elizabeth Rowe was baptized on 21 Apr 1772 Buckland Monachorum, DEV, ENG.2,3
     Elizabeth Rowe died in Sep 1816 Hatchill, Par. of Bickleigh, DEV, ENG; (assumes correct id from burial record, but age does match the baptism date. There's a Hatshill Farm & Wood SE of Bickleigh, fairly close to Leigh and Hele.)4,5 She was buried on 6 Sep 1816 Bickleigh, DEV, ENG, the index showing an Elizabeth Rowe aged 44 of Hatchill, Bickleigh. I am guessing that she might be the broken off headstone between her brothers Joseph and John.4,6
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Last Edited23 Aug 2006


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E. & O. E. Some/most parish records are rather hard to read and names, places hard to interpret, particularly if you are unfamiliar with an area.