Robert Turnbull1,2

(circa January 1774 - 7 May 1854)
FatherWalter Turnbull3 (cir. Jun 1745 - aft. 1791)
MotherElizabeth Dickson (cir. 1750 - ); (mother's surname not given on baptism record)3
Relationship3rd great-grandfather of Lorna Henderson
H/stone Robert & Helen TURNBULL of Hathwaite Gate, Canonbie, Dumfries, rcvd from Bridget C, Nov 2009

BMDB data

     Robert Turnbull was born cir. Jan 1774 Dikehead, Nichol Forest, CUL, ENG.3 He was baptized on 30 Jan 1774 Nichol Forest, CUL, ENG; the date was destroyed in the Par. records, but it was the first baptism for the year. The Nichol Forest Bishop's Transcript shows the full date and reads: "1774 Jan 30th Robert, son of Walter Turnbul of Dikehead, carpenter and Elizabeth his wife" which must be where the IGI extracted its information from, as the surname was spelt the same way there. The year agrees with Robert's age given in both the 1841 and 1851 census records.3,4,5,6
     Robert Turnbull married Eleanor Scott on 28 Mar 1811 Stapleton, CUL, ENG, the entry in the Bishop's Transcripts reading: Robert Turnbull of Dikehead in the Parish of Kirkandrews and Elenor Scott of this Parish, (Stapleton) were married in this church by licence this twenty eigth day of March 1811 By me John Topping Curate. Witnesses Thomas Scott and Elenor Turnbull (assumed to be their respective siblings). Signed Robert Turnbull and Elenor Scot's Mark.7
     Robert died on 7 May 1854 Riggmoor Gate, Nichol Forest, CUL, ENG; cert #174 reads: Robert Turnbull, 80, joiner, of general debility of old age, not certified, informant James Turnbull, present at the death, of Riggmoor Gate, Nicholforest, reg. 3 Jun 1854 John Hope, registrar of Registration District Longtown, sub district Longtown High in County of Cumberland.8 He was buried with Eleanor Scott Canonbie, DFS, SCT, Erected IMO Walter s/o Robert & Helen Turnbull of Hathetgate who died Oct 24th 1826 aged 4 yrs. Also Elizabeth their dtr who d. 15th Oct 1836 aged 22 yrs. Also above Helen Turnbull who d. 28th Sep 1846 aged 66 yrs. And above Robert Turnbull who died May 7th 1854 aged 82 yrs.9

Census/Where lived/Occupations

     In Mar 1811 Robert Turnbull was living Dykehead, Par. of Kirkandrews on Esk, CUL, ENG, when he and Eleanor married, and also at some point in son Robert's univeristy term.7,10 By 1814 he was a joiner Cuddies Town, Par. of Nichol Forest, CUL, ENG, when dtr Elizabeth baptised.11 In 1817 Robert was still a joiner, but Haithwaite Gate, Par. of Nichol Forest, CUL, ENG, when son John baptised (spelt Hathwat Gate.)12 In 1820 when son James baptised he was described as a joiner again, now Rigg Gate, Nichol Forest, CUL, ENG.2 In 1822 two years later, when son Walter was baptised, he was still a joiner, back Haithwaite Gate, Par. of Nichol Forest, CUL.13 In 1825 Robert was a carpenter, still Haithwaite Gate, Par. of Nichol Forest, CUL, when dtr Eleanor baptised.14
     Robert appeared on the census of 7 Jun 1841 Glendinning Rigg Gate, Par. of Kirkandrews upon Esk, CUL, ENG, with Ellenor Turnbull, as Turnbull: Robert 65 joiner; Ellenor 55; James 15; Eleanor 14 All born county. (The places immediately before were Rigg Gate, Dikehead and Beyond the wood, after were Glendinning Rigg and Haithwaite Gate then Penton.) (NB instructions to the enumerators for this census were to round ages to the nearest multiple of 5, children tended to have their ages accurately recorded - or at least as accurate as such things can be. These instructions were not always followed.)5,15 In 1847 Robert Turnbull was listed in a Cumberland directory as: "Turnbull, Rt. joiner, Heathwaite gate", one of 17 names listed as being in the Township. The list of farmers shows Mary Broatch as farmer of Heathwaite. The directory waxes lyrical about the river Liddel which, together with the Kershope, separates Nichol Forest from Scotland. The Liddel apparently "rolls its rapid stream with much grandeur, forming, in some places, fine cascades, which foam over huge rocks and abrupt precipices."16
     Robert Turnbull appeared on the census of 30 Mar 1851 Rigg Gate, Nichol Forest, CUL, enumerated as Turnbull: Robert, head, widower, 77, farmer of 15 acres; Son James 30, joiner; Dtr Elleanor, 25 (all b Nicholforest) and a servant James Gordon, 15, joiner b Kirkandrews on Esk. The previous entry was Haithwaite Gate (William and Ann Little) and the following Glendenning Rigg (John Armstrong and siblings William, James and Catherine.)6 He was given as a wheelwright on son James' death cert in 1891.17

All the other info

     Robert and Helen were predeceased by their son Walter Turnbull on 24 Oct 1826; when he was 4 (at "Hathetgate.")9 Robert and Helen were predeceased by their dtr Elizabeth Turnbull on 15 Oct 1836.9
     Robert Turnbull was the informant for the death of his wife Eleanor Turnbull on 28 Sep 1846 Riggcommon Gate, Nicholforest, CUL, ENG.18,19
     It is rather hard to tell if Rigg Gate and Hathwaite Gate were one and the same place. The 1841 census taker's footsteps imply they were two different places, but the baptisms of Robert and Eleanor's children either show a very to-and-fro lifestyle between the two, or, as is more likely, the same place all along.20 In 1858 Glendenning Rigg was still occupied by James Armsrong, farmer."21 The ordnance survey map of 1863 shows a small dot representing the house of Robert Turnbull at the bottom of the road up to Glendinningrigg farmhouse. In 1994 the ruins of the house, together with some fruit trees, were still visible - just. The current occupants of the farmhouse were most intrigued to learn who had lived in the now ruined place, and found a directory, not in the Carlisle Record Office, which had Robert mentioned in it.22

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     Click here to see Robert's page on WikiTree, a (free) collaborative on-line tree.23


Eleanor Scott (cir. 1780 - Sep 1846)
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E. & O. E. Some/most parish records are rather hard to read and names, places hard to interpret, particularly if you are unfamiliar with an area.