Jane Graham1,2,3,4,5

(say 1736 - after 1804)
FatherEllin Graham6,4 (bef. 1715 - )
Relationship4th great-grandmother of Lorna Henderson

BMDB data

     Jane Graham was born say 1736 Lake, Par. of Kirkandrews upon Esk, CUL, ENG, this estimate assumes she is the same age as her husband. The only two Jane's on the IGI within 10 yrs of 1736 at Kirkandrews upon Esk were 1728 d/o Richard and 1726 dtr of John. Broadening the search to other parishes provided an Arthuret 1727 to Johanis & Janae Graham and a 1727 Kirklinton to John, none of whom could be miraculously transformed into anything resembling "Ellin".1
     Jane Graham married Andrew Graham, son of Stephen Graham and Abigail Rea, on 13 Jul 1765 Kirkandrews upon Esk, CUL, ENG, the IGI has three Cumberland Andrew/Jane marriages within 20 years of 1774 (Stephen's birth), two are in the 1780s and therefore too late (Jane Graham Kirklinton, and 1785 Jane Collin at Plumbland, so my current favourite is the 1765 one at Kirkandrews upon Esk to yet another Jane Graham. The Kirkandrews-on-Esk marriage entry reads: Andrew Graham of the Parish of Arthuret and County of Cumberland, a batchelor and Jane Graham of this Parish of Kirkandrews upon Esk, Spinster were married in this church by licence 17 July 1765. Witnesses William Graham & Elizabeth Wilson her mark", which places this Andrew in the right parish. And then the Carlisle Marriage Bonds clinched the id for me: Andrew Graham of Fald, Parish of Arthuret, Husbandman Jane Graham of Lake, Parish of Kirkandrews upon Eske, Bondsman William Graham of Carlisle, Shoemaker (the Record Office adding that the Dormont Book Carlisle shows William Graham was the son of Ellin Graham of Lake, and almost certainly Jane's brother.)1,3,5,4
     Jane Graham died aft. 1804 ?Moorhouse, Par. of Kirklinton, CUL, ENG.7

Census/Where lived/Occupations

     In Jul 1765 Jane Graham was living Lake, Par. of Kirkandrews upon Esk, CUL, ENG.4 Fr 1765 - 1774 Jane Graham was living Craggs, Bewcastle, CUL, ENG, where two children were baptised. By Apr 1789 Andrew and Jane Graham were living Wabeyhole, CUL, ENG, when Craggs sold to James Nixon.8


     Jane Graham was a beneficiary of the will of Richard Graham on 9 Apr 1804 Turnmill Street, Par. of Saint James, Clerkenwell, MDX, ENG, being described as Richard's sister-in-law, widow of his brother Andrew, late of Moorhouse and "the said last mentioned Sum of one hundred pounds shall be paid into the hands of the said Abigail Graham for the use and benefit of her said Mother if she shall be living."7

All the other info

     Jane Graham was considered as a potential duplicate of Jane Graham, but this has been discounted; one Jane the widow of Andrew Graham who used to own Craggs and may have moved to Kirklinton, the other a widow Jane Graham, of Slackheads, Kirklinton, who purchased Craggs in Apr 1801 from James Nixon (and went on to marry a Walter Irwen, who owned Craggs from 1819t o 1823. However, as there is a MI in Kirklinton for a James Graham of Slackhead who died 1800 aged 75, this seems a more likely husband for the latter Jane.9


Andrew Graham (cir. Apr 1736 - cir. Apr 1801)
  • David Graham7 (aft. 1765 - aft. 1804)
  • Abigail Graham7 (cir. Oct 1765 - aft. 1804)
  • Richard Graham10 (1772 - bef. 1792)
  • Stephen Graham+ (cir. 1774 - Dec 1856); The tentative id of Jane as the mother of Stephen is based on the 1774 baptism in Bewcastle of a Stephen to an Andrew and Jane Routledge of Craggs actually being the same Andrew & Jane Graham of Craggs a year or so before1,10
  • Margaret Graham (cir. Aug 1776 - aft. 1804); the Memorandum to Richard's will says he has mistakenly called the dtr of his sister Jane, Jane, instead of Margaret. I think there's yet another mistake in this, as all the previous references to Jane are to her as sister-in-law11,7,9
  • William Graham (cir. Oct 1777 - bef. 1804); the link to this particular Andrew & Jane as William's parents is circumstantial. The dates could fit a move from Bewcastle to Kirklinton, and sister Margaret is mentioned in an uncle's will12,13
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E. & O. E. Some/most parish records are rather hard to read and names, places hard to interpret, particularly if you are unfamiliar with an area.