Robert Sinton1,2

(6 December 1852 - 4 September 1943)
FatherRobert Sinton1 (cir. 1813 - Oct 1877)
MotherJane Park1 (cir. 1816 - Sep 1896)
Relationship2nd cousin 3 times removed of Lorna Henderson

BMDB data

     Robert Sinton was born on 6 Dec 1852 Galashiels, SEL, SCT, which date comes from the date in Ernie's mother's birthday book, written in Robert's own hand, and matches the date in the Parish registers, also matches his age at marriage.3,1,4 He was baptized on 13 Mar 1853 SEL, SCT; the entry reading: Robert Sinton residenter at Raelees and his spouse had a child baptised by Rev John Campbell on the 13th March 1853 named Robert. Date of birth 6th December 1852. (this does not gel with his appearance in the 1851 census, although the absence of Rachel from the census could mean an enumerator's error.)5
     Robert Sinton married Agnes Alexander, daughter of male Alexander, on 15 Sep 1879 Tuam St, Christchurch, CBY, NZ, the intentions to marry show Robert as a labourer, resident Chch for 1 week, usually resident Ashburton, and aged 26, Agnes as 22, resid. Chch for 4 days, a servant, married by the Rev C Fraser in his Tuam St house.6,7,8
     Robert Sinton died on 4 Sep 1943 Manutuke, nr Gisborne, ECP, NZ, at age 90; Christine's tree has Feb 1943 written above a crossed out 4 Sep. From Ernie3: "even my father William did not appear to know the names of his grandparents, because on his father Robert's death cert. the parents' names were left blank. He died Feb 1943 in Gisborne".
Death index however confirms 4 Sep 1943.7,4,3,9


     Robert Sinton immigrated in 1874 to NZ; via AUS, and is possibly the 21yr old from Berwick on the "Canterbury". Not listed in front index for the ship, but appears on list of single men, as 21 yr old male, carpenter from Berwick. Other Borders names on the same list of single men: John Lamb, 22, mason Peebles, Jas Leith, 18, ploughman from Berwick, Thos Ormiston, 22, ploughman from ROX, Peter Pringle, 19, shepherd from ROX, Wm Pollock, 21, ploughman from ROX, Samuel Russell, 19, from PEE, Andrew Swantson, 19, farm lab from Berwick (next to Robt S.), George Wilson, 24, farm lab ROX and Arch Wadell, 22, ploughman from ROX, Robert Young, 23, blacksmith from ROX.10,11

Census/Where lived/Occupations

     The census of 30 Mar 1851 showed Joseph, James and Robert in the household of their parents Robert and Jane Park, their maternal grandmother Mary Redpath Raelees, SEL, SCT, enumerated as Robert SINTON, 35, ag lab b Bowden, ROX, wife Jean, 35, b Roxburgh, ROX. Children: Mary, 11, scholar, b Bowden, ROX; Margaret, 9; James 7; Robert 4; Joseph 2, Janet 8m, all b Selkirk, SEL. Mother-in-law Mary REDPATH, married, 75, b Greenlaw, BEW (Note that in 1851 son Robert wasn't even a twinkle in his mother's eye, not being born until Dec 1852, but the film clearly shows the entry of a male, son named Robert aged 4 - but dtr Rachel, who should have been 4, female and at home, isn't listed.)12 Robert Sinton appeared on the census of 1861 in a Private Hse, Raelees, SEL, SCT, in the household of Robert Sinton and Jane Sinton as son of Robert.13,14
     The census of 1871 showed Joseph, Robert, Peter, John and William in the household of their parents Robert and Jane Park Hartwoodburn, Par. of Selkirk, SEL, SCT, enumerated as SINTON: Robt, 55 ag lab b Bowden, ROX; wife Jane 55 b Selkirk, SEL; Children (all b Selkirk, SEL: Joseph 24 blacksmith; Robt 18 ag lab; Peter 15 mill worker; John 13 millworker; William 10 scholar; Grdson: James 7 scholar b Selkirk, SEL.15

All the other info

     Here's a conundrum. Family anecdotal evidence, surviving letters etc, show that Robert was the son of Robert Sinton and Jane Park from Selkirk, and married Agnes Alexander in 1879 in NZ (neither marriage nor death certs being helpful in having his parent's names). However, a Scottish death certificate clearly shows that Robert, the son of Robert and Jane, died in Selkirk in 1874, the informant being father Robert. These two Roberts are therefore obviously not one and the same person, unless parents, Robert and Jane had two sons called Robert OR, father Robert gave the wrong name for the son who died. This latter is my current theory to explain this. The 1874 Robert was supposedly 18, but should have been 21, whereas his younger brother Peter would indeed have been 18 in 1874. In addition, I have found no documented evidence of Peter's existance beyond the 1871 census. he wasn't in the Scottish Lowlands in 1881, didn't marry in Scotland before 1905 and didn't die there before 1950, which all adds fuel to my speculative fire that father Robert just got the dead son's name wrong. Completely inconclusive, as he could have moved away from Scotland.16,17

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     Robert Sinton belongs to a DNA tested line. There may be more information available on DNASurnames under the DNA project for his/her surname/line.


Agnes Alexander (1854 - Aug 1923)
  • William Alexander Sinton7 (Jan 1881 - May 1968)
  • Frederick Sinton7 (May 1883 - Mar 1969)
  • Margaret Sinton7 (Jun 1885 - Dec 1967)
  • Lily Sinton7 (Feb 1887 - Oct 1956)
  • Albert Sinton7 (Jun 1889 - 1979)
  • Jane Sinton4 (Feb 1892 - Mar 1981)
  • James Sinton18 (May 1894 - Dec 1995)
  • Robert Sinton7 (cir. Apr 1896 - Jul 1896)
Last Edited17 Dec 2014


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E. & O. E. Some/most parish records are rather hard to read and names, places hard to interpret, particularly if you are unfamiliar with an area.