Margaret Sinton

(1816 - 20 November 1873)
FatherPeter Sinton (fr 1783 - 1788 - Jan 1866); circumstantial from naming pattern and location/birth place only
MotherJane Wight (cir. 1783 - Sep 1858)
Relationship3rd great-aunt of Lorna Henderson

BMDB data

     Margaret Sinton was born in 1816 Southdean, ROX, SCT, year confirmed by dth cert.1,2,3
     Margaret Sinton married Robert Ainslie, son of Robert Ainslie and Margaret Oliver, on 1 Nov 1833 Southdean, Par. of Southdean, ROX, SCT, Robert, 25, of Simonburn Par, Margaret about 17, of Southdean. (Simonburn lies in the old Chancery of Belingham Northumberland.)4,1
     Margaret Sinton died on 20 Nov 1873 Sweethope, Dist of Kirkwhelpington, NBL, ENG; Margaret Ainslie (Sinton) died of paralysis in the township of Sweethope in the Kirkwhelpington district of Throckington on the 20th of November 1873 aged 57. Her death certificate was witnessed by a Thos Ainslie who would be her brother-in-law (reg. Bellingham.)5
     Original information had this Margaret SINTON, married to Robert AINSLIE, as daughter of John SINTON/Margaret KAYE, but the naming pattern of children indicates could belong to Peter & Jean (Wight) SINTON instead.
Although Margaret AINSLIE died in Northumberland, with an uninformative death cert., her contemporary and namesake died in Scotland, where her death cert. shows her as the daughter of John and Margaret (KAYE) SINTON, and married to Samuel HEATLEY - which adds evidence to the conclusion that this Margaret belongs to Peter and Jean.

Margaret is yet another child of Peter and Jane's with no baptism yet found.
Would be good to see if this relationship could be confirmed via DNA - any (other*) descendants out there who have ventured into autosomal DNA (atDNA) testing aka FamilyFinder at FamilyTreeDNA, or the tests offered by Ancestry, 23andme or MyHeritage?
* "Other" being because the one known descendant proved beyond the reach of the randomly inherited atDNA to detect any matches to the few tested SINTON descendants.
Whereas there's a 95% chance up to 3rd cousins will show shared DNA, beyond that the odds drop off dramatically - but often do still show up. We weren't so lucky.6

Census/Where lived/Occupations

     Margaret Sinton appeared on the census of 7 Jun 1841 Halrule Stable, Hobkirk, ROX, SCT, with Robert Ainslie, enumerated as AINSLIE: Robert, 30, ag lab; Margaret 25; Jane 5; Margaret 3; Robert 1 all b ROX; LAIDLAW, Thomas, 15 ag lab b ROX.7,8
     Margaret Sinton appeared on the census of 1851 Harrietfield, Nenthorn, BEW, SCT, with Robert Ainslie, enumerated as Robert, shepherd, 39, Margaret 35, ("and family") at least dtrs Jane 15 and Margaret 13; Robert, scholar 11; Peter 7; Samuel, 7;Elspeth 2; also servant James THOMSON, widower of Earlston, 24.9
     Margaret Ainslie appeared on the census of 1861 Caverton Mill, Par. of Eckford, ROX, SCT, with Robert Ainslie, enumerated as AINSLIE: Robert, 50 shepherd b Morebattle; wife Margaret 45 b Southdean; Children: Margaret, 23 ag lab b Roxburgh, ROX; Samuel 17 ag lab b Bedrule; Thomas, 15 shoemaker's apprentice b Bedrule; Euphemia 12 b Nenthorn, ROX; Isabella 8 scholar b Nenthorn; and grddtr Margaret 2 b Eckford.10,3
     Margaret Sinton appeared on the census of 1871 Sweethope, Par. of Throckington, Dist of Kirkwhelpington, NBL, ENG, with Robert Ainslie, enumerated as AINSLIE: Robert, shepherd, 59, wife Margaret, 54 "and some of his family"; Euphemia, 22, unm; also grdson John AINSLIE, 9 (son of Mgt AINSLIE before her marriage to Thomas HALL.)10


Robert Ainslie (Nov 1808 - Apr 1878)
  • Jane Ainslie (Aug 1835 - Dec 1894)
  • Margaret Ainslie11,12 (Sep 1837 - Sep 1910)
  • Robert Ainslie (Mar 1840 - Apr 1914)
  • Peter Ainslie (cir. 1843 - Mar 1918)
  • Samuel Ainslie (cir. 1844 - Apr 1899)
  • Thomas Ainslie (cir. 1846 - cir. 1862)
  • Euphemia Ainslie (Sep 1848 - Mar 1931)
  • Isabella Ainslie (Jun 1852 - )
Last Edited28 Apr 2017


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E. & O. E. Some/most parish records are rather hard to read and names, places hard to interpret, particularly if you are unfamiliar with an area.