John Bain (R-BY2937)1

(circa 1784 - 17 June 1853)
Fathermale Bain ?Donald (bef. 1764 - )
Relationship4th great-grandfather of Lorna Henderson
BAIN H/stone at Ballachly

BMDB data

     John Bain (R-BY2937) was born cir. 1784 Latheron, CAI, SCT, this date/place being derived from the 1851 census. The 1841 census has him 2 years younger, but that could be accounted for by the rounding of ages that occurred in that census. His pension files imply 3 years younger, ie 1787, and confirm the place, and his headstone 3 years older, ie 1781. Somewhere around there is the best I can do as I couldn't find a Latheron baptism that conclusively fitted.2,3,4,5,6,7
     John Bain (R-BY2937) married Catherine Gray, daughter of Donald Gray and Janet Sutherland, on 3 Oct 1806 Par. of Watten, CAI, SCT, Halkirk OPR entry reads: John Bain in Westerdale and Catharine Gray there married 12 December (1806 Halkirk, this being the day before the baptism of son Donald). However, the Watten OPR entry reads: 14 Sep 1806 John Bain in Acavrole of this parish and Katherine Gray in Westerdale of the Parish of Halkirk were contracted in order to marriage and after the usual proclamations and no objections offered, their marriage was solemnized 3 Oct 1806. (I assume the minister got the places the wrong way round.)8,4,9,3,10,11
     John Bain (R-BY2937) died on 17 Jun 1853 prob. at Clashscribie, Par. of Latheron, CAI, SCT; his headstone showing an age of 72 and a date confirmed by his pension cessation documents, although the latter say he was only 66.3,5,4,6 He was buried with Catherine Gray Ballachly Cem., Par. of Latheron, CAI, SCT, H/stone reads: Erected by Alexr Bain, Melbourne in memory of his beloved parents John Bain, Clashcriby Forse who died 17th Jun 1853 Aged 72 years. Catherine Gray who died 8th Jan 1865 aged 74 Years Also his brother James Bain who died 1st Mar 1879 Aged 54 years. Also his sister Jane Bain who died 10th Mar 1845 aged 15 years. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. In 1994 the cemetery was particularly overgrown. It is a remote location, a stone walled enclosure in the middle of a farm. My friend managed to get my wheelchair up to the gate from where I could see the grave directly inside. It is next door to a grave that is noted in the MI booklet as "This grave never to be opened".3,6,4

Census/Where lived/Occupations

     Fr 1 Mar 1809 - 9 Aug 1816 John Bain (R-BY2937) was a Private in the 79th Regiment of Foot (now the Queen's Own Highlanders), service that wasn't without incident. Apparently an annotation against the Sep-Dec 1810 muster indicates John was a recruit who enlisted 27 Feb 1809.5,12,7,13
     John appeared on the census of 7 Jun 1841 Clashscribie, Par. of Latheron, CAI, SCT, with Catherine Bain, as John, head 55 farmer, wife Catherine, 55; Elizabeth 20; Alexander 13; Jane 9 (NB instructions to the enumerators for this census were to round ages to the nearest multiple of 5, children tended to have their ages accurately recorded - or at least as accurate as such things can be. These instructions were not always followed.)14,15
     The census of 30 Mar 1851 showed John with his wife Catherine, their dtr Jane Clashscribie, Par. of Latheron, CAI, household enumerated as Bain: John 67 b Latheron, farmer & pensioner; wife Catherine, 60 b Watten; dtr Jane, 20, hse servant b Latheron. The next schedule was for son James and family, and the one after that for son Donald and family.2,16 John Bain (R-BY2937) was shown as a "crofter, dec." when son John died in Mar 1890.17
     John Bain (R-BY2937) and Catherine Gray lived Clashscrebie Mor, Par. of Latheron, CAI, SCT, rather than Clashscrebie beg which was 1/2 mile away based on Stemster hill and very small with room for just one family. The family living there were MacLeods. Mor was on the right side of Rangag where Helen (grddtr) was when christened and Brae Rangag just over the top. The croft was relatively large due to alterations - there was an extension built on to it, and it could hold at least three families if pushed.18


     Fr 25 Sep 1811 - 24 Mar 1812 John Bain (R-BY2937) was stationed Glasgow, LKS, SCT, as evidenced by the Quarterly pay-lists for the 2nd Battallion of the 79th Regiment of Foot under Colonel Alan Cameron.19
     Fr 25 Jun 1815 - 24 Sep 1815 John Bain (R-BY2937) was stationed FRA in the 1st Battalion of the 79th Regiment of Foot. The quarterly pay-list for the quarter showing rate of 6; pay of £2/6/-; and the three reason for missing muster columns containing what looks like: "sick B???ellesce; As Waterloo ?? ?? 79 2 March 1814" An online calculator makes £2/6/- in 1815 worth £137.25p in 2006 terms.20,21
     John Bain (R-BY2937) ended military service on 17 Jun 1816 his discharge papers showing: John Bain, 79th Regt, private in Capt Peter Innes Coy, born Par. of Latheron, in or near the Town of Latheron, served in the regmt for space of 7 years and 140 (146 later in the document) days, in consequence of having received a gun shot wound in R shoulder joint on the 15th Jun 1815 is considered unfit for further service abroad...ordered to the Army Depot in the Isle of Wight, that his case may be finally determined ..and to prevent any improper use being made of this discharge by its falling into other hands, the following is a description of the said John Bain. He is about thirty years of age, is 5 feet 5 inches in height, fair hair, blue eyes, fair complexion, by trade a labourer. Statement of service: 79th Regiment from 1 Mar 1809 to 24th July 1816 , Private 7 years 146 days. 2 years service in Waterloo (entered on form pre-printed with the heading of "In East or West Indies included in the aforegoing total" - which led me to believe he had served in the Indies, but the annotation of Waterloo Man indicates otherwise) all signed 17 July 1816. I John Bain do acknowledge that I have received all my clothing pay, arrears of pay.... 15 Jul 1816.
As a "Waterloo Man" he would have received the Waterloo Medal and been credited with 2 years extra service and pay.7,22,23 Fr 25 Jun 1816 - 24 Sep 1816 John Bain (R-BY2937) was not stationed FRA with the rest of his regiment as shown by absence entries in the quarterly pay-lists.24 His pension payments ended on 17 Jun 1853 the entry for 1-30 Jun 1853 showing: Ceased by death: John Bain, 79th Regt, -/6d pension, admitted to Outpensioner 9th Aug 1816, Pte, permanent, died 17 Jun 1853 at age 66 (according to 6d in 1853 is approx. £1.72p in 2006 terms.)5,25

All the other info

     Yet another of those ancestors putting the lie to the oft made statement that "they didn't move around much". Mind you, John had the army to thank for his travels as after enlisting in Caithness he is shown as being in Glasgow with the Regiment around 1811/2 (but was obviously home a little earlier than that even if he had enlisted in 1809 as there's a son John baptised in 1811). France, Belgium, and invalided out to the Isle of Wight. Also at Chatham (a discharge centre for soldiers going to pension), then to Colchester for a spell, then back to Chatham where he was disharged to a disability pension. He would not have been alone in the army as several of his neighbours and later relations by marriage also served (James McKenzie, his dtr Janet's father-in-law, and Donald Taylor an uncle of his son Donald's wife Margaret to name just two.)26,27 On 16 Jun 1815 he was shot in the right shoulder joint Quartrebras, BEL, This battle was the last major battle before Waterloo. The Duke of Wellington particular mentions the 28th, 42d, 79th and 92d regiments, and says "Our loss was great", so I think John was rather fortunate to have missed that battle by a few short hours and a timely shot to the shoulder that he could presumably live with, considering he lasted a further 38 years (pity it wasn't a couple of years longer to make it into Civil Registration as I might then know who his parents were from a death certificate.)7,28
     On 12 Jul 1832 Halkirk, Par. of Halkirk, CAI, SCT, John Bain (R-BY2937) was the cautioner for his son Donald at his marriage to Margaret Taylor.29,30,31

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     Click here to see John's page on WikiTree, a (free) collaborative on-line tree.32
     John Bain (R-BY2937) belongs to a DNA tested line. There may be more information available on DNASurnames under the DNA project for his/her surname/line.


Catherine Gray (cir. Sep 1785 - Jan 1865)
  • Donald Bain+1 (Dec 1806 - Mar 1892)
  • John Bain+33 (cir. Jul 1811 - Mar 1890)
  • Elizabeth Bain34 (cir. Feb 1820 - Jul 1899)
  • James Bain35,6,4,3,36 (cir. 1822 - Mar 1879)
  • Janet Bain+37,38 (Jun 1822 - Dec 1904)
  • Margaret Bain39 (cir. Jan 1823 - )
  • Barbara Bain39 (cir. Jan 1823 - )
  • male (?James) Bain40 (Nov 1826 - )
  • Alexander Bain41,42,3,4 (cir. Jan 1828 - Aug 1900)
  • Jane Bain3,4,6 (Aug 1830 - Mar 1845)
  • Jean Bain43 (cir. 1831 - Apr 1912)
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E. & O. E. Some/most parish records are rather hard to read and names, places hard to interpret, particularly if you are unfamiliar with an area.