Isobel Manson1

(circa May 1803 - between 1847 and 1851)
FatherJames Manson (Feb 1756 - bef. 1823)
MotherChristan Georgeson (bet. 1756 - 1761 - bet. 1823 - 1841)
Relationship4th great-aunt of Lorna Henderson

BMDB data

     Isobel Manson was born cir. May 1803 Coghill, Par. of Watten, CAI, SCT.1,2 She was baptized on 29 May 1803 Par. of Watten, CAI, SCT; father James shown as "in Coghill" and witnesses: Alexr Doull, Coghill, William Manson, Achoy (assumed to be brother to James as William certainly lived Achoy around that time) (Wendy has 20 May, I've 29th, need to recheck OPR.)1,3
     Isobel Manson married David Henderson, son of David Henderson and Christian Stephan, on 8 Feb 1839 Watten, Par. of Watten, CAI, SCT, OPR entry (from Wendy) reads: "David Henderson in Freswick in the Parish of Canisbay & Isabella Manson in Coghill on this parish, were contracted in order to Marriage, after the usual proclamation of Banns for three several Sabbaths, published here in the usual place and meeting no objection offered their Marriage was Solemnized on Friday the 8th day of February 1839."4,3,5
     Isobel Manson died bet. 1847 - 1851 ?Freswick, Par. of Canisbay, CAI, SCT.3,6,7 Bel was not indexed as buried Canisbay, CAI, SCT.8
     Information on the descendants of this line comes from:
Wendy Graham (Wendy's email)
Barry Madden (Barry's email)
Peggy Leard (Peggy's email)
who would welcome contacts from relatives.
Stop press (Jan 2007): a further son has just been found. John appears to have lived with his cousin John Smith all his life, which leads me to the conclusion that just possibly, Bel died giving birth to him. He led a tragically short life, drowning in Loch Watten at age 16.9,10

Census/Where lived/Occupations

     In Feb 1839 Isobel Manson was living Coghill, Par. of Watten, CAI, SCT.11
     Bel appeared on the census of 7 Jun 1841 Skirsa, Par. of Canisbay, CAI, SCT, with David Henderson, as HENDERSON: David M 45 Pilot; Bell F 38; David M 6 (assumed to be David's son from earlier marriage); James M 1; Magnus M 3m; all b CAI (NB instructions to the enumerators for this census were to round ages to the nearest multiple of 5, children tended to have their ages accurately recorded - or at least as accurate as such things can be. These instructions were not always followed.)2,12,13


     Isobel Manson was also known as Bell and her forename was sometimes spelt Isabella.14,11

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E. & O. E. Some/most parish records are rather hard to read and names, places hard to interpret, particularly if you are unfamiliar with an area.