Archibald Henderson1,2

(circa August 1779 - 16 February 1826)
FatherWilliam Henderson2,3 (say 1755 - )
MotherMarrion Robertson2 (say 1757 - )
Relationship3rd great-grandfather of Lorna Henderson

BMDB data

     Archibald Henderson was born cir. Aug 1779 Burnbank, Par. of Kilmadock, PER, SCT.4 He was baptized on 29 Aug 1779 Kilmadock, PER, SCT; entry reads: William Henderson and Marrion Robertson his Spouse at Burnbank had a Child baptized August 29th called Archibald Witt: James Robertson at Dounshogle? & David Mitchell in Doun.
(The following entry was the bap. of a Thomas Henderson, son of John Henderson and Margaret Dogg (aka Doig these days) of Murdochstoune.)4,2
     Archibald Henderson married Margaret McEwan (W), daughter of James McEwan and Margaret Fisher, on 28 Oct 1804 Stirling, STI, SCT, Banns called Stirling and Kincardine by Doune, Perth: "Archibald of Stirling Parish, Margaret of Kincardine by Doune."1,5,6
     Archibald Henderson died on 16 Feb 1826 Bridge of Allan, Lecropt, STI, SCT;
     In a 1957 letter from Millie Harbour to Earl Henderson "...his (James H) parents died when he and his two brothers were infants, and were brought up and educated by a wealthy uncle" (which implies that one of the three brothers and the sister died young? The wealthy relations have yet to be found!!).
     A previous date of 1822 was based on the assumption that the widow Margaret McEwan at Quoigs Toll House that appears in the cash books at the same time Archibald disappears is Archibald's wife - very circumstantial, and proved incorrect once inventory sighted. The date was revised to before Mar 1828 when will discovered in index to Scottish Wills: "Henderson Archibald 25/3/1828 Smith, at Bridge of Allan, husband of Margaret McGwan or McEwan Stirling Sheriff Court". The scanned copy shows that the inventory was taken 25 Mar 1828 but Archibald died 16th Feb 1826, intestate.7,8,9,10
     Archibald is one of my longest standing mysteries, with a new-ish twist in the tail.
From the Scottish Naming pattern, which his children do seem to have largely followed, I would expect his father to be a William.
But who is the James Henderson, smith, from whom he took over the smithy?
The most likely baptism found is that shown here as his - to William Henderson and Marrion Robertson.
But even so, that just shifts the brickwall further back and doubles it!

The twist in the tail is explained here.11

Census/Where lived/Occupations

     Fr 27 May 1807 - 22 May 1813 Archibald Henderson was a smith (cash book stopped at 22 May 1813) on the Keir Farm, STI, SCT.7 Fr 1809 - 1823 Archibald Henderson was a blacksmith, from 'Whitsun to Whitsun' (dates & place from Stirling of Keir papers) Bridge of Allan, Lecropt, STI, SCT.1,7,8


     An Inventory of the estate of Archibald Henderson was taken on 25 Mar 1828 Bridge of Allan, Par. of Logie, STI/PER, SCT, The SCAN index reads: Henderson Archibald 25/3/1828 Smith, at Bridge of Allan, husband of Margaret McGwan or McEwan Stirling Sheriff Court. The actual document is an Inventory taken 25 Mar 1828 of the "personal estate of Archibald Henderson Smith at Bridge of Allan who died on the sixteenth day of February eighteen hundred and twenty six say eighteen hundred and twenty six".
     Estate consisted of: cash in house 6d; and assorted debts owed to the deceased for work totalling approx. £188, valuation being signed by Margaret Henderson and John Fraser
     "At Stirling the twenty eight day of Mar 1828 in presence of John Fraser Esq Commisary Depute of the Commissariat of Stirling appeared Mrs Margaret McEwan or Henderson the widow and executrix of the deceased Archibald Henderson Smith at Bridge of Allan who being solemnly sworn and examined deposes that the said Archibald Henderson died intestate upon the sixteenth day of February 1826 that the deponent is about to enter upon the possession and management of the deceased personal estate as executrix qua relict That the deponent knows of no settlement or other wording left by the deceased relative to the disposal of his personal estate of effects or any part of them ...."
     Signed by Margaret Henderson (ie not as McEwan) and John Fraser as being valued between 100 and 200 pounds "All which is truth as the Deponent shall answer to God."8

All the other info

     It is possible that Archibald's children were taught by the Peter Henderson referred to as teacher at Bridge of Allan in 1800.12
     Archibald Henderson and James Henderson Bridge of Allan, Par. of Logie, STI/PER, SCT, were possibly related probably siblings or father/son?.
With a likely father William presumed accounted for by the 1779 baptism of Archibald, that leaves James to be placed.
There are two mentions of a James highly likely to be connected somehow.
One as a blacksmith
A James appears in the Stirling of Keir Rental books as a smith in the Bridge of Allan.
In 1806 there's a William Anderson Smith, Bridge of Allan
In 1807 the smith is James Henderson, with Wm Anderson having arrears of rentals.
By 1808 William Anderson is no longer described as Smith, and by 1809 disappears from the records (where a Janet Anderson in the Old Cott houses at Bridge of Allan).
By 21 Dec 1809 James Henderson, Smith, accounts were paid in full then 4 Jun 1810 the rentals are paid by Archibald Henderson, smith for rental in the Old Cott houses at Bridge of Allan.
My assumption is that James died or retired c. 1810.
He may, or may not, be the same James Henderson who witnessed the 1817 baptism of Archibald's son John.7,13
     Fr 1809 - 1823 Archibald Henderson was shown as a blacksmith at the Old Cott Houses, Bridge of Allan, STI, SCT, Regular entries for £15.0.0 rental per year, whitsun to whitsun, appear from 1810 thru 1823, with payments usually made May and Nov of £7.10.0 each.
     In 1810 arrears of £7.10.0 were owed by Archibald H. thereafter, always regularly paid.
     Rental for 1823 'crop' states 'Archibald Henderson now James Ferguson, smith', and rental increases to £20.0.0 which he pays in full, ie no discount.
     1822 rentals now include a Margaret McEwan at the Quoigs toll house ?widow?7
     At the time Archibald was doing smithing work on Keir Farm, the Keir estates were owned by James Stirling of Keir and Cawder, "born 8 Oct 1766 and succeeding his father William who died May 1793. James did much to embellish Keir and died unmarried at age 64, being succeeded in turn by his brother Archibald Stirling who was a planter in Jamaica for 25 yrs."14
     The History of Logie Parish written in the 1890s describes Bridge of Allan as: " a fashionable watering-place, lies about three miles north of Stirling, and is most picturesquely situated upon the left bank of the celebrated Allan Water. At the beginning of the nineteenth century it was only a small hamlet; but since then it has developed into a flourishing burgh, including the village of Keirfield on the other bank of the river.... The western spurs of the green Ochil Hills protect the town from northern and eastern winds, and its mild winter climate has made it a very suitable place of residence for delicate people, retired Anglo-Indians, and others who have been used to warmer-climates"
     "Little progress was indicated in 1827, when Mr Robert Chambers, in his Picture of Scotland, describes it as "a confusion of straw-roofed cottages and rich massy trees; possessed of a bridge and a mill, together with kail yards, bee-skeps, colleys, callants, and old inns"
     The Minister of Logie supplied a history of the parish for Sinclair's Statistical Account III, published in 1792: the population 30 years before being 1500 "in each of the three counties"; plenty of peat in Moss Flanders about 4 miles from the church; Poor rates were paid half by the heritors and the other by the tenants, some £40 being paid to 33 poor in 1774, £38 being distributed in 1775 and "for some years past" £12 being advanced, "the poor live in their own houses, and none were allowed to beg".15,16,17

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Margaret McEwan (W) (cir. Dec 1782 - aft. Mar 1828)
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E. & O. E. Some/most parish records are rather hard to read and names, places hard to interpret, particularly if you are unfamiliar with an area.