James McEwan1

(circa August 1745 - after 1788)
FatherWilliam McEwan2 (say 1710 - )
MotherMargaret Gray2 (say 1715 - )
Relationship4th great-grandfather of Lorna Henderson

BMDB data

     James McEwan was born cir. Aug 1745 Kincardine by Doune, PER, SCT.2 He was christened on 18 Aug 1745 Par. of Kincardine by Doune, PER, SCT; Wit: James Monteath & George McEwan.2
     James McEwan married Margaret Fisher, daughter of John Fisher and Margaret Stevenson, on 16 Jan 1774 Kincardine by Doune, Perthshire, Jas McEwen in this Parish and Margt Fisher of St Ninians.3
     James McEwan died aft. 1788 ?Par. of Kincardine, PER, SCT; (eldest son chr Aug 1788.)

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     James McEwan belongs to a DNA tested line. There may be more information available on DNASurnames under the DNA project for his/her surname/line.


Margaret Fisher (Apr 1753 - )
  • William McEwan (cir. May 1775 - bet. 1819 - 1841)
  • John McEwan (Feb 1776 - )
  • Margaret McEwan (W)+1 (cir. Dec 1782 - aft. Mar 1828)
  • James McEwan+ (cir. Oct 1785 - )
  • George McEwan (cir. Aug 1788 - )
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E. & O. E. Some/most parish records are rather hard to read and names, places hard to interpret, particularly if you are unfamiliar with an area.