Isabella Sinton1

(circa 1792 - 18 August 1869)
FatherPeter Sinton1 (say 1750 - cir. Oct 1811)
MotherJanet Donaldson1 (say 1750 - bet. 1794 - 1855)
Relationship4th great-aunt of Lorna Henderson

BMDB data

     Isabella Sinton was born cir. 1792 Cavers?, ROX, SCT, From census data Isabella shows her birthplace as either Cavers (1861) or Jedburgh (1851)
Her siblings show as born Southdean or Abbotrule.1,2,3
     Isabella Sinton married Richard Robson, son of Thomas Robson and Margaret Pertis, say 1818.1
     Isabella Robson died on 18 Aug 1869 Maisondieu, Par. of Jedburgh, ROX, SCT; cert. shows Isabella ROBSON as 77 married to Richard ROBSON, carter; d/o Peter SINTON cattle dealer & Janet m.s. DONALDSON, both dec'd; d. 7am of apoplexy 4 days duration; Inf. son Thomas ROBSON, present; Reg. 18th Aug.1
     What a pleasant surprise to begin the new year. An email from Bruce and Rita saying that they thought Bruce was a Sinton relation of mine, having been put in touch with me by a Murray relation of his I've been in contact with for some time (ta Ruth). Sure enough, Peter and Janet Sinton had yet another child pop out of the woodwork. What was even more remarkable is that in researching descendants I contacted a Mabon researcher in Dunedin, NZ only to find that no, she wasn't one of these Mabons, but she was a descendant of a dtr of my 3great grandparents Walter and Agnes Fairbairn via yet another previously unknown dtr, one I suspected had to exist but hadn't yet found, Alison (married Peter Stewart.4)

Census/Where lived/Occupations

     Isabella Robson and Richard Robson appeared on the census of 1841 Pleasants, Par. of Jedburgh, ROX, SCT, and are assumed to be husband and wife. They were enumerated as ROBSON: Richard 45 ; Isbell (indexed on ancestry as Jobell) 40 ; Assumed children: Thomas 15, Jessie 15, Isbell 10, Richard 6, Cecilia 4 Also Isabella TURNBULL 10.5 Isabella Robson appeared on the census of 1851 as wife of Richard Robson Queen St (17), Jedburgh, ROX, SCT, enumerated as ROBSON: Richard 63 carter; wife Isabell 58 both b Jedbro ROX; Children: Thomas 23 labourer, Isabella 21 servant, Cecila 15 scholar all b Jedbro, ROX; Grdson Adam ARMSTRONG 5mths b Jedbro (yet to be identified).3
     The census of 1861 showed Isabella with her husband Richard, their dtrs Isabella and Cecila Friars Maisondieu, Par. of Jedburgh, ROX, SCT, household enumerated as ROBSON: Richard carter b Jedburgh; wife Isabella 70 b "Calders" ?Cavers?, ROX; Children: Thomas 43 carrier (transcr. on ancestry as canner), Isabella 32, Cecila, both carter's dtrs b Jedburgh; Grdson Thomas R ARMSTRONG 10 scholar b Jedburgh; Grdchildren (BUCKHOLM): Mary 6 scholar John 1 both b Jedburgh.2

All the other info

     Isabella Sinton and Isabella Turnbull in 1841 were possibly related Isabella SINTON's dtr married a Turnbull, but the Isabella Turnbull with them in 1841 is aged 10, so cannot be a child of Jessie's. Perhaps a relation of Jessie's future husband Thomas?4 Isabella Sinton and Adam Armstrong are related grdmother/grdson, but which dtr? Cecilia didn't seem to marry an Armstrong, seemingly remaining single. The other two dtrs I know about married others. Perhaps there are some more children to be found for Richard and Isabella? Or possibly Adam is dtr Isabella's first illegitimate child, given that Mary (Buckholm) is stated to be her 2nd child.3,4
     Isabella Sinton and Thomas R Armstrong are related grdmother/grdson - same comments as for Adam above.2,4


Richard Robson (1787 - Aug 1875)
  • Jessie Robson6,7 (1820 - Jul 1889)
  • Thomas Robson3 (cir. 1828 - bet. 1881 - 1891)
  • Isabella Robson3,8 (cir. 1830 - May 1896)
  • Richard Robson5 (cir. 1835 - aft. 1901)
  • Cecila Robson3 (cir. 1836 - aft. 1901)
Last Edited2 Jun 2016


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E. & O. E. Some/most parish records are rather hard to read and names, places hard to interpret, particularly if you are unfamiliar with an area.