Grimston Graham1

(circa November 1748 - circa 1810)
FatherStephen Graham1,2,3 (say 1705 - bet. Jun 1757 - Oct 1757)
MotherAbigail Rea1 (cir. Oct 1709 - aft. 1789)
Relationship5th great-uncle of Lorna Henderson

BMDB data

     Grimston Graham was born cir. Nov 1748 Fauld, nr Longtown the baptism entry reading: "Grimston son of Stephen Graham of Fauld bapt" Par. of Arthuret CUL ENG.2,4
     Grimston Graham died cir. 1810 Fauld, nr Longtown, Par. of Arthuret, CUL, ENG.1


     Mary, David, Richard, Stephen, Grimston, William and Jane were beneficiaries in the 8 Jun 1757 will of their father Stephen Graham Fauld, nr Longtown, Par. of Arthuret, CUL, ENG.3
     In the 11 May 1799 will of John Corry Fauld, nr Longtown, Par. of Arthuret, CUL, Grimston Graham was mentioned.5
     David and Grimston were named as beneficiaries in the 9 Apr 1804 will of their brother Richard Graham Turnmill Street, Par. of Saint James, Clerkenwell, MDX, ENG.6
     Grimston Graham wrote a will on 18 Nov 1808 Fauld, nr Longtown, Par. of Arthuret, CUL, This is the Last Will & Testament of me Grimston Graham of fauld in the Parish of Arthuret in the County of Cumberland. In the first Place I order that my body be decently Buried in the Family Buring Ground as my hair & Execitur herinafter Mentioned shall think fitt. Also I do hereby give and bequieth unto Abigal Scafe daugher of Will. Scafe & Fanny Scafe his Wife Fifty Pounds Part of the sum left me by my late Brother Richd Graham London which legaice being only payable to me or my Hairs at the death of the said Richard Graham's Widow likewise the said fifty pounds shall not be paid to the said Abigil Scafe untill the death of my Hair & executor Also I do give & bequeith unto Steven Graham Son of Andr Graham my late Brother the oak Press standing in the west end of my House at Fauld likewise I do give & Bequeath to Faney Scafe Wife of Will Scafe & daughter of my Brother David Grahams of fauld the Clock & case in the Citchen but not to be removed untill after the death of my Brother David Graham of said place. likewise I do give & bequeath to Abigal Scafe daugher of my sister Jeney the half Dozen of silver Tea spoons with the the Silver Sugar Tongs Marked R.D. All the rest residue & remainder of my real & Personal Estate & Effects whatsoever and wheresoever after Payments of my just debts funeral Expenses and the above legacies I do thereby give devise & Bequeath unto David Graham of Fauld my Brother and do hereby appoint the said David Graham my Brother Executor of this my last Will Hereby revoking all former Wills, I declare this to be my last Will and Testament In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 18th Day of Novr 1808 Grimson Graham (LS) Signed Sealed Published & declared by the said Testator as and for his last Will and Testament in the Presence of us who in his Presence at his Request and in the Presence of each other have put our hands as Witnesses Will Beaty Jun (LS) William Tweddel (LS) (the spelling is as per original - variable.)7 His estate was probated on 6 Jan 1810 at the Court of Carlisle, CUL, ENG; the court documents showing Grimston Graham late of Fauld in the Parish of Arthuret in the Cty of Cumbld farmer dec'd, effects under £200. Beneficiaries: niece Abigail Scaife received £50 to be paid after death of Excr; and brother David "all the rest of his real & personal Estate" and appoints him sole Excr. Executor David Graham "of same" dead no further application can be made 29 Jul '24. I assume that the reduced list of beneficiaries in the Carlisle Court document is because this latter document is only concerned with the financial transactions involved and the executor. Given the absence of any mention of Grimston's brother Richard's widow, she may also be assumed to have died (as the legacy from Richard wasn't going to be paid until both she and David had died.)8

All the other info

     Grimston Graham and Stephen Grimston Fauld, nr Longtown, Par. of Arthuret, CUL, ENG, in 1671 were possibly related, as there has to be some reason for all the Stephens in the family, and Grimston as a forename!9
     Not on my direct line, but very important because he wrote a will that provided me with a breakthrough on my Graham family research. Many thanks to Bridget for pointing me in his direction. The IGI, has several entries, mostly patron submissions, some of which contradict other postings, but nonetheless pointers for future research. I am now happy about the links between Grimston back to his parents Stephen Graham & Abigail Rea, and to his siblings Andrew, David, Richard, less so to Jane as I cannot find supporting evidence of a marriage to a Scaife in this generation, although Richard's will does also mention a Scaife nephew and niece.
     I notice that there was a more modern Grimston Graham living in Longtown around 1957, so possibly there are living relatives to be found. Love to hear from any of them reading this who want to make contact with the distant NZ branch.10,3
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E. & O. E. Some/most parish records are rather hard to read and names, places hard to interpret, particularly if you are unfamiliar with an area.