Abigail Scaife1

(circa 1808 - circa December 1817)
FatherWilliam Scaife1 (May 1784 - bet. 1813 - 1841)
MotherFrances Graham1 (cir. Jul 1779 - Dec 1856)
Relationship2nd cousin 4 times removed of Lorna Henderson

BMDB data

     Abigail Scaife was born cir. 1808 ?Fauld, nr Longtown, Par. of Arthuret, CUL, ENG.1
     Abigail Scaife was assumed to have died cir. Dec 1817 Longtown, Par. of Arthuret, CUL, ENG, as there's a burial of an Abigail of the right age at Arthuret BUT she was apparently paid her £50 legacy from her uncle Grimston's will on 29 Jul 1824 presumably on his death, or that of her aunt, Richard Graham in London's wife. There's nothing to say however that the money wasn't paid to her family.1,2,3 She was buried on 25 Dec 1817 Arthuret, CUL, ENG, Abigal Scaiffe, aged 9 of Longtown.1


     In the will of Grimston Graham dated 18 Nov 1808 Fauld, nr Longtown, Par. of Arthuret, CUL, ENG, Abigail Scaife were left legacies great niece Abigal Scafe (d/o "Will. Scafe & Fanny Scafe his wife") receiving £50 (part of Grimston's legacy from his brother Richard), nephew Steven (son of late brother Andrew) the oak press, niece Faney Scafe (dtr of brother David) the clock and case, niece Abigal Scafe (d/o sister Jeney) a set of silver tea spoons and sugar tongs.4 His estate was probated on 6 Jan 1810 at the Court of Carlisle, CUL, ENG, with Abigail Scaife as beneficiary/ies £50 legacy to be paid after dth of Exr; the court documents showing Grimston Graham late of Fauld in the Parish of Arthuret in the Cty of Cumbld farmer dec'd, effects under £200. Beneficiaries: niece Abigail Scaife received £50 to be paid after death of Excr; and brother David "all the rest of his real & personal Estate" and appoints him sole Excr. Executor David Graham "of same" dead no further application can be made 29 Jul '24. I assume that the reduced list of beneficiaries in the Carlisle Court document is because this latter document is only concerned with the financial transactions involved and the executor. Given the absence of any mention of Grimston's brother Richard's widow, she may also be assumed to have died (as the legacy from Richard wasn't going to be paid until both she and David had died.)2
Last Edited22 Apr 2007


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