William Taylor1

(circa March 1749 - after 1799)
FatherWilliam Taylor (say 1725 - aft. Dec 1771); this assumes that William the cautioner for the man at the marriage of William and Isabella Finlayson is William's father, as he is highly unlikely to be his brother!2,3
MotherJanet Smith2 (say 1725 - )
Relationship5th great-grandfather of Lorna Henderson

BMDB data

     William Taylor was born cir. Mar 1749 Wester Watten, CAI, SCT.3,2 He was baptized on 19 Mar 1749 Watten, Par. of Watten, CAI, SCT; entry reads: Watten 19 Mar 1749 William Taylor in Wester Watten presented a child to be baptized begotten in lawful wedlock betwixt him and Janet Smith his spouse, called William witnesses are Archibald Cormack and John Sutherland (?younger?) in Wester Watten (igi has both birth and chr same date.)2,4
     William Taylor married Isabella Finlayson, daughter of James Finlayson, on 8 Dec 1771 Par. of Bower, CAI, SCT, entry reads: Dec 8th 1771.William Taylor & Isobel Finlayson both of Clayach gave in their names as matrimonially contracted in order to have proclamation of banns. As cautioners William Taylor for the man and James Finlayson for the woman (assumed to be respective fathers given the naming pattern of the subsequent children.)5
     William Taylor and Margaret Campbell were assumed not be be married as their daughter Margaret was described as their "natural daughter" on her baptism in 1799, and William had a later daughter (Christina, 1804) whose death cert gave her mother as Isabella Finlayson, his wife since 1771.6
     William Taylor died aft. 1799 ?Clayock, Par. of Bower, CAI, SCT; (ie shown as deceased when son William died, which isn't surprising as he would be well over a hundred by then.)1
     Having been recently prompted to re-visit this family by Jocelyn in search of her ancestor, Henderson Taylor, I have checked a few more marriages and baptisms, and come to the conclusion that Jean & William Taylor children of William Taylor and Janet Smith of Wester Watten, are indeed the ones who marr. David McBeath, and Isabella Finlayson respectively. This is based on assorted events being recorded in Clayoch, each family being witnesses and cautioners for assorted family baptisms and marriages, and naming pattern for children.7

Census/Where lived/Occupations

     Fr Oct 1772 - Mar 1784 William Taylor and Isabella Finlayson were living Clayach, Par. of Bower, CAI, SCT, where Clayock is variously spelt Clayach, Clayack, Cleog and Clayock.8 William Taylor was described as a "farmer, dec" on his son William's dth cert in 1860 CAI, SCT.1

All the other info

     William Taylor and Donald Taylor Bower, CAI, SCT, in 1776 were possibly related as Donald was witness to chr of William's son Donald.9 William Taylor witnessed the baptism of George McBeath on 24 Jun 1776 Par. of Bower, CAI, SCT; entry reads: Jun 24th 1776 David McBeth in Cleog had by Jane Taylor his wife a child, baptised his name George. Wit. James McBeth and William Taylor (assumed by location to be the one mar. to Isabella Finlayson.10) William Taylor witnessed the baptism of James McBeath on 15 May 1783 Par. of Bower, CAI; entry reads: 1783 May 15th David Mackbeath in Clayock had by his wife Jean Taylor a child baptized named James the witnesses .... and William Taylor in Clayock.9
     Clayock is derived from (Gaelic) Cliathach = slope; or (Norse) hlith-akr = hillside field. Also reported as Claok 1561, Cloak 1561-6.11

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     Click here to see William's page on WikiTree, a (free) collaborative on-line tree.12

Family 1

Isabella Finlayson (say 1751 - aft. 1784)
  • William Taylor1 (Oct 1772 - Feb 1860)
  • James Taylor13,14 (cir. May 1774 - bet. 1810 - 1841)
  • Donald Taylor15,16,17 (cir. Aug 1776 - Jul 1861)
  • male Taylor (Jul 1781 - )
  • Elizabeth Taylor (Mar 1784 - )

Family 2

Margaret Campbell (bef. 1779 - )
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E. & O. E. Some/most parish records are rather hard to read and names, places hard to interpret, particularly if you are unfamiliar with an area.