Job Sampson Andrews1,2

(25 December 1847 - )
MotherTabitha Hunt1,2 (Dec 1809 - Feb 1865)

BMDB data

     Job Sampson Andrews was born in 1847 Odcombe, SOM, ENG, probably the Job Andrews birth reg. Yeovil, 4th qtr 1847.3,4 He was christened on 25 Dec 1847 ?Odcombe, SOM, ENG; "born to the widow Tabitha"1 (unless this was a very late christening, father cannot be John.)2,1 Some sources believe Job Sampson Andrews was born cir. 1850 Odcombe, SOM.5,6
     Job Sampson Andrews married Sarah Louise Dolimount on 7 Aug 1874 Francois, NFD, CAN, (it is not yet conclusively proven that this marriage is the Job, son of Tabitha, but as there are no obvious marriages, nor census data in England after the 1860s, he could well be this Canadian marriage. Particularly as there is family information that Emma, married to John ANDREWS and living in London, corresponded with her step brother Sampson in Newfoundland.)5,7,8


     Job Sampson Andrews immigrated in 1867 to Richard's Harbour, NFD, CAN; corroborated by, or sourced from, the following on the web: "Samson, from Odcombe (Somerset), settled at Richards Harbour in 1867 and later moved to Francois (MUN HIST.)5,9"

Census/Where lived/Occupations

     The census of 1851 showed Luke and Job and their sisters Mary and Emma in the household of their mother Tabitha Odcombe, SOM, ENG, enumerated as ANDREWS (all b. Odcombe, SOM):Tabitha Widow 41 ; Mary 15; Luke 13; Sansom 4; Emma 4m; Lodgers: Mary COLE 16 Glover b Odcombe; John CORNISH 13 Labourer b Beaminster.4 Job Sampson Andrews appeared on the census of 1861 Dunlaw Head (11), Odcombe, SOM, ENG, as step son of William Robins.6 By 1868 Job Sampson Andrews was a "shareman" with Levi Dolimount, Sarah's uncle Francois, NFD, CAN.5 He was not found in the census of 1871 ENG (as Job, and all the variants of Sampson I could think of, within 5 yrs of 1848, born Somerset, which does add fuel to the identification of the 1867 Newfoundland sighting.)10


     Job Sampson Andrews was also known as Sansom Andrews.6

All the other info

     Job Sampson Andrews was not mentioned in Sarah's letter of 1859.
     Half siblings Emma (in London and married to John Andrews) and Samson (in Newfoundland) are believed to have been in correspondence.8


Sarah Louise Dolimount (Jun 1858 - )
  • Luke Andrews5 (May 1876 - )
  • Lewis Andrews5 (Apr 1877 - )
  • Eli Andrews5 (Oct 1880 - )
Last Edited15 Nov 2009


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