John Creber1

(1687 - )
FatherJohn Creber2 (1666 - 1719)
MotherJoan Giles2 (1665 - 1732)

BMDB data

     John Creber was born in 1687 Sheepstor, DEV, ENG, I'm taking this date/place on trust as I've nothing prior to the marriage on John as yet. Certainly the parents attributed to him by other researchers, were married before this date and had other children bap. in Sheepstor after that, but the surviving parish records only start in 1691.3,4
     John Creber married Elizabeth Barter, daughter of James Barter and Ann UnknownSurname (m. James BARTER), on 7 Jun 1712 in the Par. of Walkhampton, DEV, ENG, "John Creber & Elizabeth Barter were Marrd Jun 7th."1,3


Elizabeth Barter (Apr 1691 - cir. Aug 1765)
  • James Creber+2,3 (cir. Feb 1715/16 - cir. Oct 1800)
  • John Creber5 (Sep 1718 - )
  • Joan Creber6 (Mar 1720 - cir. Feb 1727)
  • William Creber3 (cir. Aug 1723 - bef. 1794)
Last Edited24 Mar 2007


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E. & O. E. Some/most parish records are rather hard to read and names, places hard to interpret, particularly if you are unfamiliar with an area.