George Newton1

(before 1800 - before November 1831)

BMDB data

     George Newton was born bef. 1800 ?Kelso, ROX, SCT.
     George Newton died bef. Nov 1831 ?Kelso, ROX.1


     The estate of George Newton was disposed on 21 Jan 1832 by the Trustee John Lockie the disposition being: John Runciman farmer, Snowdon; William Runciman farmer, Thirlstane; James Runciman farmer Wantonwalls; David Runciman Minister, Edinburgh; Elizabeth Runciman , residing at Snowden and Isabella Runciman residing at Wantonwalls were seised in a half onset or half tenement of land in the MIDROW of KELSO, and 4 acres & 12 poles of land in the Shot of ground called the Meikle Caldrigs. Confirmed by the Commissioner for James, Duke of Roxburghe.2

All the other info

     In Nov 1831 John Runciman, William Runciman, James Runciman, David Runciman, Elisabeth Runciman and Isabella Runciman were served heirs to George Newton feuar in Kelso ROX, SCT, #747 reading: General Service of John Runciman, farmer, Snowdon, William Runciman, farmer, Thirlestane, James Runciman, farmer, Wanton Walls, The Reverend David Runciman, minister of Hope Park Chapel, Edinburgh, Elizabeth Runciman, residing at Snowdon, and Isabella Runciman, residing at Wantonwalls, lawfull children of the deceased David Runciman, tenant in Wantonwalls, in terms of a Trust Disposition to George Newton, feuar in Kelso, failing children of the body of his daughter Janet Newton (as heirs of provision in general.)1,3
     It is not yet known what the relationship is between George and the family of David Runciman and Janet Lockie, but it is assumed to be somewhere on the Lockie side.4
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