Agnes Fairbairn1

(circa 1818 - 22 May 1884)
FatherWalter Fairbairn2 (cir. May 1785 - Jan 1859)
MotherAgnes Robinson2 (cir. 1786 - Apr 1863)
Relationship2nd great-grandmother of Lorna Henderson

BMDB data

     Agnes Fairbairn was born cir. 1818 Morebattle, ROX, SCT, (not obvious in Morebattle OPR.)3
     Agnes Fairbairn married John Davidson, son of male Davidson? and Ann Collan, on 14 Nov 1839 Chirnside, BEW, SCT, OPR entry reads: "John Davidson of Chirnside and Agnes Fairbairn of Edrom Parish were married". The entry immediately preceding this was the marriage of Andrew Jeffrey and Margaret Hogg, their future son-in-law's parents.4
     Agnes Davidson died on 22 May 1884 Chirnside, BEW; Cert reads: "Agnes Davidson, married to John Davidson paper mill worker, died 1884 May 22 10 30 pm Chirnside, 67, d/o Walter Fairbairn, labourer, dec. and Agnes, m.s. unknown, dec; of natural decay, not certified. Informant John Davidson, widower, present.
Memorial card reads: 'In affectionate remembrance of .... who died at Chirnside 22 May 1884 aged 67 years.2,5' She was buried with John Davidson Chirnside, BEW, H/Stone Inscription:
In Affectionate Remembrance of AGNES FAIRBAIRN wife of JOHN DAVISON (sic) who died at Chirnside 22. May 1884, aged 67 years.
Also MARGARET, their daughter who died in infancy.
Also the said JOHN DAVIDSON, who died 30. November 1900, aged 82 years.
Also their daughter HELEN DAVIDSON, who died 28. September 1905, aged 64 years.6

Census/Where lived/Occupations

     In Nov 1839 Agnes Fairbairn was living in the Par. of Edrom, BEW, SCT.7
     Agnes Davidson appeared on the census of 1841 Little Billie, Par. of Bunkle & Preston, BEW, SCT, with John Davidson, as DAVIDSON: John 24 ag lab b BEW; Agnes 25 b SCT (sic); Agnes 1 b SCT; Margaret HUNTER 15 ag lab b BEW (NB enumerators were instructed to round ages down to the nearest multiple of 5.)8
     John and Agnes Davidson appeared on the census of 30 Mar 1851 Harelawside, Par. of Coldingham, BEW, SCT, as (all Davidson): John, head, farm servant, 33 b Chirnside, BEW, Agnes wife 33 b Morebattle, BEW (sic). Children: Agnes, 11, scholar b Morebattle; Allison (should be Helen!), 9, b Bunkle, BEW; John, 7, scholar, b Chirnside, BEW; Mary, 5, Walter, 2 both b Edrom, BEW; Jas (should be Adam!), 1m b Coldingham, BEW.9
     The census of 7 Apr 1861 showed Agnes with her husband John, their sons James, John, Walter, Adam and George, their dtrs Hellen and Mary Chirnside, BEW, SCT, household enumerated as DAVIDSON: John, head, ag lab, 44 b Chirnside; Agnes wife, 43, b Morebattle; Children: Hellen (sic) 19, paper mill worker, b Buncle; John, 16, paper mill worker b Chirnside; Mary 14 paper mill worker b Edrom; Walter, 12, paper mill worker b Edrom; Adam, 10, scholar b Coldingham; George, 6 scholar, James, 3 both b Dunse.10 Agnes Davidson was likely to be ?Chirnside, BEW, SCT, in 1871.
     John and Agnes Davidson appeared on the census of 3 Apr 1881 Doughty House, Chirnside, BEW, SCT, as DAVIDSON: John, head, paper mill labourer, 64, b Chirnside, Agnes, wife, 64, b Morebattle, ROX. Dtr Hellen (sic) 39, unm, paper mill worker, b Bunkle, BEW.11

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John Davidson (cir. 1817 - Nov 1900)
  • Agnes Robertson Davidson13 (Mar 1840 - bet. Jun 1906 - Sep 1906)
  • Helen Davidson14,15,16 (Feb 1842 - Sep 1905)
  • John Davidson17 (May 1844 - Jun 1915)
  • Mary Davidson18 (Jul 1846 - Dec 1909)
  • Walter Davidson+19,20 (Nov 1848 - Oct 1881)
  • Adam Davidson21,1 (Mar 1851 - Sep 1920)
  • Margaret Davidson6 (say 1853 - )
  • George Davidson22 (Feb 1855 - Jun 1915)
  • James Davidson22 (Jan 1858 - Dec 1932)
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E. & O. E. Some/most parish records are rather hard to read and names, places hard to interpret, particularly if you are unfamiliar with an area.