Margaret Sutherland

(circa 1767 - 18 January 1848)
FatherAlexander Sutherland1 (say 1725 - )
MotherFemale ?Elizabeth or ?Christian UnknownSurname2 (say 1730 - )

BMDB data

     Margaret Sutherland was born cir. 1767 ?Dale, Halkirk? or Latheron?, CAI, SCT, Dall Rangag? or Dale nr Halkirk?3,1
     Margaret Sutherland married William Gray, son of Donald Gray and Kathrin Morgan, on 9 Jan 1789 Par. of Halkirk, CAI, SCT, entry reads: "William Gray in Mibster was married to Margaret Sutherland in Mibster 9th Jany."4,5
     Margaret Sutherland died on 18 Jan 1848 Tongside, Par. of Halkirk, CAI, SCT; 81.6 She was buried with William Gray Halkirk Cem., Halkirk, CAI, SCT, #37 reads: William Gray tacksman Tongside 8.8.1829 69, w Margt Sutherland 18.1.1848 81, s Ben(jamin) 23.12.1854 49 (one of 3 neighbouring graves holding assorted Gray relations: William & Margaret, son Alexander & wife Ann MacLEOD, grandson William & wife Isabella MANSON.)6
     Margaret's baptism is not immediately obvious in the extant parish registers.
The naming pattern of her children indicate that her parents might be an Alexander and Elizabeth.
She appears on a Sutherland family chart drawn up from family information around 1886 as the daughter of Alexander Sutherland of Dale; married to William Gray, Tongside, all of which fits known information.
In addition a witness to the baptism of son Donald in 1800 was an Isobel Sutherland in Knockglass.
This chart shows Margaret with a sister Isabella marrying a Hector Munro, Halzary and their marriage entry shows Hector was in Knockglass, Watten at the time.
On the Sutherland chart, Alexander is shown as in Dale - which Dale?
The chart author lived at Rianacoil, and nearby is Dall (Rangag).
There's also Dale House, nearer Mybster, and Dale Farm likewise. Dale House appears to be the home of the Budge family around the right timeframes.
Other families on the chart appear to be around Dall Rangag, so possibly it is Dall Rangag being referred to?6,1,7,8,9

Census/Where lived/Occupations

     In Jan 1789 Margaret Sutherland was living Mybster, Par. of Halkirk, CAI, SCT.5
     By cir. 1809 Margaret Sutherland and William Gray were living Torm(e)sdale, Par. of Halkirk, CAI, SCT, (when dtr Margaret born.)10
     Margaret Gray appeared on the census of 1841 Tongside, Par. of Halkirk, CAI, SCT, as GRAY: Margaret 70 tenant; Benjamin 30; Servants: Betty SINCLAIR 30, Margaret GUNN 20, Eliza CAMPBELL 20, William ROSS 20, Christian ROSS 14 All b CAI (NB enumerators were instructed to round ages down to the nearest multiple of 5.)11 She appeared on the census of 1841 Tongueside, Par. of Halkirk, CAI, SCT, next door to Alexander Gray and Ann Macleod.12

All the other info

     Margaret Sutherland and Janet Sutherland were possibly related Janet and Margaret are at least sisters-in-law - are they sisters? Naming pattern of children indicate both are likely to be the daughter of an Elizabeth but Donald and Janet didn't have any known sons to see if Alexander was a significant family name for them.2

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     Click here to see Margaret's page on WikiTree, a (free) collaborative on-line tree.13


William Gray (cir. Jul 1760 - Aug 1829)
  • Elizabeth Gray14 (cir. Jan 1790 - )
  • Donald Gray (cir. Oct 1793 - bet. 1793 - 1800)
  • Alexander Gray (cir. Jan 1796 - Nov 1881)
  • William Gray (cir. Mar 1798 - bet. 1841 - 1851)
  • Donald Gray15 (cir. Jun 1800 - )
  • Christian Gray15 (cir. May 1802 - )
  • Benjamin Gray16,11 (cir. Nov 1804 - Dec 1854)
  • Margaret Gray+17 (cir. 1809 - Sep 1855)
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E. & O. E. Some/most parish records are rather hard to read and names, places hard to interpret, particularly if you are unfamiliar with an area.