Thomas Manson1

(6 January 1805 - after 1806)
FatherWilliam Manson1 (cir. Sep 1771 - bef. 1841)
MotherChristan Young1 (say 1775 - bef. 1841)
Relationship1st cousin 5 times removed of Lorna Henderson

BMDB data

     Thomas Manson was born cir. Jan 1805 Achavrole, Par. of Watten, CAI, SCT.1 He was christened on 6 Jan 1805 Watten, Par. of Watten, CAI, SCT; Entry reads: "6 Jan 1805: Wm Manson in Achavrole (?Acharole) and Christian Young spouse, son Thomas. Wit Alexr Finlayson Achsmarrel and Francis Mickeljohn in Achavrole."2,1
     Thomas Manson died aft. 1806 ?Acharole, Par. of Watten, CAI, SCT; (there are no Watten marriages on the igi for any Thomas Mansons, nor Wick ones of the right years.)3

Census/Where lived/Occupations

     Thomas Manson appeared on the census of 1806 Achavrole, Par. of Watten, CAI, SCT, in the household of William Manson and Christan Young as son of William.3 Thomas Manson was not found in the census of 1841 CAI, SCT.4 He was not found in 1881 in CAI.5
Last Edited14 Dec 2004


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