John Manson1

(circa July 1799 - )
FatherJames Manson1,2 (Feb 1756 - bef. 1823)
MotherChristan Georgeson1,2 (bet. 1756 - 1761 - bet. 1823 - 1841)
Relationship4th great-uncle of Lorna Henderson

BMDB data

     John Manson was born cir. Jul 1799 Coghill, Par. of Watten, CAI, SCT. He was christened on 28 Jul 1799 Par. of Watten, CAI, SCT; entry reads: 28 Jul 1799 James Manson in Coghill and Christan Georgeson his spouse had twins baptised named John and Jannet Wit: Alexr Doull in Coghill & Wm Manson there (William assumed to be James' brother.)1,3 Some sources believe John Manson was born on 20 Jul 1799 Watten, Par. of Watten, CAI, SCT, twin, but day (20th) assumed to be mistranscription as OPR only shows baptism date of 28th.4
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