James Finlayson1

(circa 1708 - 24 December 1765)

BMDB data

     James Finlayson was born cir. 1708 CAI, SCT.1
     James Finlayson died on 24 Dec 1765 Cleac, Par. of Bower, CAI, SCT.1 He was buried Dunn Old Hall, Par. of Watten, CAI, SCT, it's a wonderful old table stone with the lettering inscribed around the edge, turning the corners mid word: James described as "Tenant in Cleac" aged 57, two initials also inscribed I F 1768 and B T.
It is hard to ignore that these might be the initials of an Isabella Finlayson, and Bessie Teat, but an age of 57 makes a birth year of c 1708, who cannot have married Bessie in 1715. The 1708 birth predates the marriage of 1715 by rather a lot, and also makes it unlikely he's the son of James and Bessie.1

All the other info

     James Finlayson and Isabella Finlayson of Clayach, Par. of Bower, CAI, SCT, were possibly related, The "I F 1768" commemorated on the tomb of James Finlayson, tenant of Cleac cannot be my Isabella as she married in 1771, but it is highly likely there is some connection.2 James Finlayson is a potential duplicate of James Finlayson; but the one buried Tomb of Dun died 1765, so cannot be the cautioner for Isabella's marriage, although the cautioner could be a brother.1 It was quite an adventure getting to see this, and the neighbouring Finlayson graves. My travelling companion did a sterling job clearing the undergrowth while I sat and watched from my wheelchair, and when she had nearly admitted defeat, I looked more closely at the grave I'd been sitting beside all along! The land owner who allowed us to cross his property was very taken with the oldest grave in the cemetery "afore the '45 ye know". His "coos" were also rather taken with our car and gave it their lick of approval, we'd been thru the cow wash. Thankfully the aerial was on the roof and out of their reach as I suspect it would've been broken off, and rather hard to explain to the people the car was borrowed from.2
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